Warhammer 40k Inquisitor - Martyr

Has anybody played this game?

As a fan of both ARPGs and WH40k i’m very interested.

i didnt play it yet, but from the videos and streams it looks fun!

if you played the van helsing games its alot of similar , since its was made by same company ( neocore)

the bad thing is you cant play offline , only online

Yea, and in my country their servers are screwed by government’s fails.

On steam there are disturbing reviews…

There are … and during EA there was quite a stir as well about the build never updating (only when console release was pushed back did they update the EA build after months of nothing). Given that and some lackluster at best reviews I’ve read elsewhere I’m not going to buy it at full price right now. As far as I can tell it’s a mediocre game that gets hyped because, well, they poured a warhammer sauce over it and that is enough for a lot of people. Not me however.

Might get it from some sale, but right now…I´ll pass.
What little I have watched gameplay YTs it looks too simple and kinda grindy.
With no real character progression besides unlocking gear slots just not for me though the 40K aspect might lure me if the price is right.
If I would have a console for it would be playin instead on typing, though.

So far from people on my list who are playing it, they say the game is a blast, but you need to be in a cabal in order to complete some of the harder specialty missions. Not to mention if you don’t complete the mission, it costs you quite a lot.

I’m waiting on this to come down in price, but I’ll definitely be buying it eventually.

Well I’m playing it and enjoying it immensely.

OK now my review after some more gameplay…give this one some time. I played Van Helsing so I sort of know Neocore. This doesn’t play much like it, for me anyway. I’m not at all sure this game knows who it’s trying to please. Feels like the concurrent console release has influenced it quite a bit. Combat is very slow at least so far and that’s talking from a GD player lol. Only recommended for ARPG fans (like me) who want to support the few that are out there at the moment. I think it has the potential to get better though and Neocore did that with Van Helsing so…


It’s not a very good game at all, especially if you compare it to awesome ARPG’s like Grim Dawn. It’s slow, clunky, and buggy. Honestly that would be acceptable if there was a really cool skill and item system…problem is not only are those aspects not really cool, they’re flat out boring.

The skill trees are almost entirely unimpressive passives (like 1% increases) and even the keystones are things you will barely even notice. Your main skills are tied to weapons and are all the same per weapon so they will never evolve. It’s nothing like Grim Dawn (or other competent ARPG’s) where you can theory craft all sorts of different classes with end game defining loot or anything like that.

The item system is equally unimpressive aside from the fact it’s cool 40K themed stuff. Items have pathetic stat bonuses and are just boring. Crusader has 3 different armor types and that’s all there is. Visually other than some minor color pallet changes they never really evolve so you also end up looking pretty much exactly the same.

Granted I’ve only played for 6 hours and am level 11 (out of 50), but I’ve read enough threads from people who maxed out their character already and this never changes. Even then, think about your first 6 hours in Grim Dawn and how much your character evolves both in terms of looks and play style.

Oh, and if anyone does pick this up, don’t pick Crusader as it’s the slowest and clunkiest of the bunch with the fewest customization. Supposedly the Psyker is the best class with Assassin a close second.

I read a lot of complaints about this game, including the clunky combat. I think the game needed a lot more time, and probably needed a rethink. granted I not played it, but I don’t know if I will. I also think the whole online only aspect is nothing but bull. there is also some controversially with the devs, like some playing more time with other games then their own. Plus, stating that the online aspect was to counteract cheaters. yet, this is just an excuse.

Alos the final build had tones of bugs from the beta, not sure how many bugs have been dealt with now, but seems that the beta was a waste of time.

I also read, you can’t skip the tutorial, and one dev satated its because of the lore, and wouldn’t make sense not to skip it. But people are complaining that if you seen the 3 tutorials, then you should be able to skip them.

All in all, I think this has a bit of a high price tag for something that needs both more content, and more time.

I will watch it, but can’t say for certain if or when I will pick it up.

Neocore released Van Helsing which was an ok ARPG on which you imo could have improved to make it good. They then proved that they have no idea what makes for a good ARPG by releasing VH2 and VH3 which instead of improving on VH1 managed to get worse, with VH2 still being ok-ish and VH3 being truly bad.

Seems they still have not figured out what works in an ARPG and continue on this downward trajectory.

Will not get this game, forced online play when the campaign is forced SP is downright idiotic and without either vastly improving or removing the cover system and a complete overhaul of the grind factor, skill system and item system this will remain a dud.
I wonder how long the servers will stay online for this one, and what this means to their ‘SaaS strategy’ for this game.

At least that is one worry I would not have with D3, not that I have any intention to play that again

Lots of FPS issues, lacking responsiveness, lacking information tool tips
its like van hellsing. Play it once and never touch it again.
Martyr wasn’t promising in EA and isn’t grabbing me at all so far.

3 tutorials? They’re all the same. The only difference is the 1 screen that explains the different resource each class has. But they all pretty much function the same.

Sorry to hijack but what exactly is wrong with Van Helsing 2 and 3?

I wanted to get them (no intention of getting Martyr ofc)

Well I’m continuing to play and enjoying it. Don’t really understand GD folks complaining about the campaign I mean what do we do in GD? They have already made a large post re: upcoming endgame so I’m thinking this will continue to grow into something more worthwhile…

We’re not complaining about the campaign :rolleyes:

runs like shit. even at medium FPS drops to 20-30 whenever I do an AOE spell
Its about boring skills
Boring meaningless upgrades
Not a lot of variety in build potential
campaign is too short
clunky combat. with my psyker warping and moving can be outright frustrating at times with spells on numpad keys often not automatically responding when first pressed.
too slow to the point you can barely dodge and sidestep incoming attacks
lacking tool tip information to find out what each statistic means to make meaningful decisions in what/how to upgrade. but thankfully the upgrades are meaningless and boring so that counteracts the lack of info.
overall its dull and unrewarding as fuck and as such not a worthwhile addition to this genre of games.
exploration rarely to never gets rewarded. most missions i ran into are just corridors on relatively short missions. Or slightly more open maps where you just run to the objectives, because there is nothing else if you go exploring. Seen one ship/station you seen them all.
Would be nice if the map overlay could be moved elsewhere or had transparency options instead of being in the damn way obscuring the view.

There is too much wrong with this game to enjoy. only thing it has going for it is that it is somewhat sci-fi like which we don’t get often in this genre. core elements of the game can’t be fixed over time. so I won’t see this grow to anything meaningful over time. most people will just play it once and never touch it again.

Its like these developers never played an isometric hack and slash RPG in their lives. Everything you can do wrong they do it. Even van hellsing had no shred of innovation or creativity and was just a mix of every mechanic everywhere.

you can get 2, I did not find it an improvement however, despite sounding like one on paper. The initial areas were just too grindy however, no end of monsters and not all that interesting. Had enough of that in the second half of VH1 already… never finished it, so not sure if it got better past that

VH3 otoh is a total abomination. You cannot import your chars and the skill system is completely reworked (probably why you cannot import), and for the worse.
The Full edition also suffers from that, so the way to go in VH1 and maybe VH2 and ignore that any other versions are out there.

Ok I was on the fence about this game until I read this :eek:

Thanks for saving me 60 euro I guess. Can anyone make a decent arpg these days besides Crate?

as a fan of this genre is difficult to find a game that is worth it. There are plenty that are released that are just one play only. longer term invested is rarely found cept for the few rare gems that come by once in a while.

no one said anything about the campaign (other than me complaining about it being SP only) I believe.

The complaints were about the skill system, item system, etc.
The last thing to do to make Martyr more worthwhile is more endgame grind, so them adding that misses the point by a lightyear

If you enjoy it, keep playing, tastes are different, it’s not like no one can like it or everyone has to