We need Bridges

What i need is a Bridge. You could easily take shortcuts across water or on steep slopes. It wouldn’t matter if they were made of wood or stone.


10 chars atm


We desperately need maps with islands or river, adding bridges and docks


Sure, but all we really need is to identify a space to start the bridge and a space to end the bridge. I guess if you want different types–footbridges impassable by water, high bridges passable underneath, and draw bridges that temporarily allow water traffic and prevent foot traffic–you could do that, but like you said water gameplay is a ways out, and that’s fine. What’s much more difficult is having to bypass maps that have islands because that land is wasted.

But it’s more than just the placing of the bridge for the code. You now have to change tiles that are completely inaccessible to building/adjustment (water) to be accessible. I’m betting that is the biggest problem, as water tiles were likely coded to just be inaccessible. I tried using flatten tool to build land out in the water or to lower the land to create more water… it wouldn’t work.

Right now I have islands with resources set on them that are just wasted.


Yep, I’ve had islands too, quite a few in one map. Also had a massive lake that took up most of the map in length, so even though at one point it was only 5 tiles to the other side… it was so far to walk around that your worker would die of starvation.

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