We need more detailed info from devs

The game and the guide are quite vague on some numerical aspects.

For example, how much food do people eat? (I think 2 per month, 24 per year). Do children eat as much?

Bread spoils faster than grain. But how long does it take grain to spoil? Beans? Smoked meat?

How much do different items weigh? What’s capacity of baskets vs empty hands?

It would be great if devs communicated such info, either in the game itself or online. Such info is already coded in the game, but is difficult to measure empirically.


May find that info in the FF wiki that’s currently being developed.


I understand that there is a wiki, but it’s player-authored, right? If so, some aspects of the game are just too difficult for players to measure accurately, while the devs have exact numbers in the source code.

True, but this is early access and those things may change depending on what the devs decide to do further down the line. We’ve already found that some map seeds have changed from when they were played earlier.

I think the reason this data is not made available in the game as descriptive text is two fold. First, while in this stage of development, there is bound to be some rebalancing and this would mean more text editing in the descriptions. Presently, if you open the Resources (global inventory) with R and click on any item, there at the bottom is some data about the item, but the textual descriptions are all empty at the moment. This could be where some valuable data will be posted when they are ready.

The second reason I think some of what you ask for is unnecessary is that there should always be a certain unquantifiable degree of uncertainty. Do real people all consume the same amount of food? You are a city planner of sorts, not a prison mess hall manager. You don’t get to dictate too well how much people will need. Their activities, even just running up and down a graded hill, could require more calorie consumption. This gets too detailed and leaving some information to be left to wonder helps to filter out all this variation as well as it gives the devs room to rebalance without taking any extensive whiplash from the community about sudden changes.

I have been finding fun in discovering things for myself. Gives me a feeling of accomplishment :smiley:

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Grain takes 24 months to spoil. The info has sort of been released. You’ll have to go watch Taka’s videos on the game, either the “USEFUL TIPS & TRICKS You May Not Know! Farthest Frontier Guides” or " “EVERYTHING You Know About Fertility is WRONG!! - Farthest Frontier Guide Tips & Tricks” video should have it.

And like Inge said part of the game is discovering it for yourself.

Thanks for these links. I suppose I wasn’t expecting people data mining yet. And that’s as good and exact information as from developers themselves.

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Yeah, and it’s great that the info is being made available on the Farthest Frontier Community Wiki

Here is data: EVERYTHING You Know About Fertility is WRONG!! - Farthest Frontier Guide Tips & Tricks - YouTube
They run a discord server and nerd the numbers. Have fun.

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