Weapon DPS Query


I’m having a hard time understanding the weapon DPS in this game, as in the +/- dps you get when finding a new weapon.

I have uploaded two images of weapons, the green one is what I have in my main hand right now and the epic is in my bag, I cannot see any reason why the heck the epic would be -783 DPS vs the sword.

Its base damage is higher, its attack speed is faster, the only difference is the Armor Piercing, does that really make that big of a difference?

I’m following this build: https://www.requnix.com/gaming/grim-dawn-builds/miss-meltycakes-dual-wield-melee-acid-poison-dervish

First, don’t follow Requinix guides as they’re crap.
Secondly, the dps difference may be because of that green weapon has %as and Cinderscorn doesn’t.
Third, dps is probably one of the last things you should look at.


The most important thing is to find weapon that supports your damage type. If you play acid, better to use even mediocre acid weapon. Auto attack also scales with attack speed, so weapon with it may perform better then legendary without.

Also sheet DPS is listed with components, I think.

If you want more information, check this guide!

There are two reasons.
The first one is you say attack speed is faster, but it isn’t, because the left weapon has +16% attack speed, which also affects your other hand.
The second is you’re comparing a weapon with inserted component vs a weapon with no component. Hold Ctrl to compare just one weapon vs the other w/o components.

Yeah. I wouldn’t follow requinix’s builds. I don’t want to pile on the shit which he caused in this forum, but suffice to say that the best thing about that link is how pretty his website looks.

100% presentation, 0% theorycrafting substance

I’d recommend either one of these:

The former is a very tanky set-up with very respectable DPS output, the latter is all about raw damage and relies on your skill as a player to pull it off.

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Phase I (Nightblade)

Dual Blades (1) → Amarasta’s Blade Burst (1) → Veil of Shadow (1) → Belgothian’s Shears (1) → Pneumatic Burst (1) → Nidalla’s Hidden Hand (1) → Shadow Strike (1) → Phantasmal Armor (1) → Amarasta’s Quick Cut (1) → Lethal Assault (1) → Shadow Dance (1) → Night’s Chill (1)

Phase II (Oathkeeper) Rush Path of the Three

Righteous Fervor (1) → Dreeg’s Reproach (1) → Presence of Virtue (1) → Resilience (1) → Consecration (1) → Haven (1) → Ascension (1) → Rebuke (1) → Clarity of Purpose (1) → Summon Guardian (1) → Retribution (1) → Scion of Dreeg (1) → Celestial Presence (1) → Path of the Three (Max)

Phase III (Nightblade)

Lethal Assault (Max) → Veil of Shadow (Soft Max) → Night’s Chill (Soft Max) → Nidalla’s Hidden Hand (Soft Max) → Pneumatic Burst (Soft 10) → Shadow Dance (Soft 12) → Ring of Steel (1) → Anatomy of Murder (1) → Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends (1) → Whirling Death (1) → Elemental Awakening (1) → Merciless Repertoire (Max)

Phase IV (Oathkeeper)

Celestial Presence (Max) → Execution (1)

Feel free to put the rest of the points where you would like to finalize the tree. Remember to keep an eye on your soft caps!

Omfg. I had suspicions that Requnix doesn’t level his own builds, but now I’m like 100% sure. Wonder why his fanbase haven’t lynched him yet.


Apparently you don’t know that leveling a build you should put 1 point at every skill, including your main attack :astonished:

I haven’t done that since my age hit double digits.

If you wanna level in pain, for sure! Myself, after leveling about 200+ chars in HC 1-100 (5 chars done in the last 10 days alone), I’d never do that! Before EoR was added, I’d level ALL my chars using the Conflagration relic, regardless of damage type and RR. Now, it’s EoR hands down. He’s suggesting to level a Dervish the most painful way, OMG. I’d cry if I had to do that. It takes 6-7 hours with potions of clarity and champions merit to hit 100 on a Dervish using only EoR! :stuck_out_tongue:
And that’s HC btw. If I don’t have to worry about toughness much, would do it even faster.

Here I level a Dervish in a slow way, showing how a beginner would do it with self found gear in HC

This is around 10 hours, stopping, thinking, constantly performing gear checks and fishing for good greens.
This can be done in half the time if speed is the only consideration.
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But you’re not the author of the “best beginners builds” so you don’t know how to do it. :smile:

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