What are MI modifiers to skills which isn't in the game - but you wish they were?

I have 2 myself which are as follows:

Ambushers (gloves)
+3 seconds cooldown to shadowstrike
+100% weapon damage to shadowstrike
+15% total damage modifier to shadowstrike

Apocalyptic Seal (ring)
Striking a target directly with Doom Bolt now inflicts triple damage
+3m radius to Doom Bolt
12% of your Doom Bolt’s damage is reflected back at you

Just for fun! Curious to see what everyone can come up with. What MI’s people would want if they had the power to make one happen :stuck_out_tongue: Surely there are some MI unique effects you are all dreaming for to happen?

Skill modifiers don’t land on rings. :wink:

And the reason Doom Bolt strikes a primary target for double damage is because it effectively hits them twice; once with a projectile (the ‘bolt’) and once with the AoE explosion. Doing triple damage would need something…more.

I don’t believe there’s any tech for this, sadly.

Ideas like these wind up getting incorporated into modded sets for me, haha. [Mod] Custom Item Sets - v0.6

In general, Crate doesn’t often put skill modifiers with downsides on gear, exception being Oathbreaker. Food for thought, though my mod ignores that design choice entirely.

My next two ideas for sets are as follows (and I don’t know if I can/ever will fully implement these, so don’t get your hopes up):

Set - The Valiant Path
Exaltation - Sword
Knockdown (toward player) to EoR
Fire -> Physical to EoR
10% Weapon Damage to EoR
3m target area to EoR

Gaze - Helmet
Vitality -> Physical to Siphon Souls
-40% Armor to Siphon Souls

Guard - Torso

Sign - Medal
32 Fire Damage to EoR
32 Vitality Damage to Siphon Souls
160 Physical Damage to Counter Strike
15% Weapon Damage to Counter Strike

15% Weapon Damage to EoR
Set - Twisted Adornments
Edge - Dagger
45% Pierce -> Chaos
40 Chaos Damage to Grasping Vines

Gaze - Helmet
30% Pierce -> Chaos
-15% Chaos Res to Veil of Shadows
+1 Summon Limit to Blade Spirit

Knot - Amulet
-15% Chaos Res to Devouring Swarm
Total Damage Modified by -66% to Blade Spirit
100% Physical -> Chaos to Grasping Vines

Band - Ring
15% Pierce -> Chaos

100% Cooldown Reduction to Grasping Vines
25% Chance to Fumble Attacks to Grasping Vines
100% Cold -> Chaos to Blade Spirit
+6 Summon Limit to Blade Spirit
6% ADCTH to Blade Spirit
+6% Movement Speed to Blade Spirit

Just need to replace the blade spirit fx with Grava’s void pool fx and you’re all set.

Just don’t ask why they shoot out knives


Chaos/Phys Blade Trap that changes its fx to obsidian trap, something like obsidian defiler’s trap.

MI with chaos/vitality barrage proc, something like chest attacks of obsidian defilers.

Phys/Fire/Chaos Wendigo totem with fx changed to obsidian cluster, something like obsidian defiler’s clusters.

Chaos/Bleed Hagarrad or Kalastor with obsidian cluster fx, something like Benn’Jahr’s one shot attack.

Chaos/vitality Forcewave with chaos wave fx, something like Benn’Jahr’s damaging wave.

Fire Rune of Hagarrad with more projectiles and fireball fx, something like Bane’Gargoth’s projectile nova attack.

Anything that summons an obsidian defiler pet, either player or pet scaled.

Totally not biased.


Fire Blade Trap

And I think some extreme mods that exist need items to be supported first so we can talk about what’s possible next :smiley:

  • 100% Physical/Fire/Lightning damage converted to Acid damage to Mortar Trap.
  • 100% Fire damage converted to Acid damage to Blackwater Cocktail.
  • 100% Fire damage converted to Acid damage to Canister Bomb.

I’ve been feeling like making a proper Acid/Poison bomber for awhile now and DEE, Doom Bolt or Ravenous Earth just don’t scratch the itch enough for me so some Acid Demo options would be pretty damn cool, not that I expect any of them to happen at this point. Since the Acid TSS Conduit got buffed, maybe I’ll get around to it when I actively start playing again.

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Pretty sure this is a war crime.


I’d campaign for the Chaos converted to Acid too but i doubt it would happen without begging (Chaos->Acid global conversion isn’t too hard to find anyway). Oh and I know it’s not gonna have the green Fire aesthetic.

Shame, we can only dream about TQ’s poison gas bomb GD version.

Or you can try it out in the Grimarillion mod. :smile:

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Haha, I did. It is my favourite TQ skill after all. The skill has no cooldown and doesn’t look as cool as the TQ variant though.

I’ve not really tried the TQ one as I get annoyed that it rolls away from where I want it to be. Grimarillion one is better in that respect.

Anything with some -phys res to Veil of Shadow for my physical Blademaster, which is never going to happen because of Dervishes.

Set that turns War Cry into a spammable damage skill.

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A skill mod that INCREASED the cost of a skill could be interesting when coupled with a total damage modifier. It might allow some class combos that have high energy regen (Mage Hunter or Templar for example) to really shine

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I don’t think this is really appropriate to an MI tbh.

No, it clearly needs to go on the Mythical Soiled Trousers, complete with a greenish/brown recolor on the FX.


Along with brown/green acid FoI to simulate what happens when you drink the Ugdenbog water.

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More seriously, I’ve always wanted a transmuter for Wind Devil that reduces the movement speed and sets the summon limit to 1, but drastically increases its visual size, AoE, and maybe the overall damage. So basically it’d be a storm that covers a big area (kind of like the Codex of Eternal Storms active skill), but still have some ability to slowly drift around. Don’t know if that’s outside the scope of an item mod though.

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What Spite does for spam pierce PB, but for fire PB and on an item that doesn’t conflict with Ember’s Calling. With the fx for fire knives.

Basically what Dravis uses.


Fire Storm Box!

Instead of removing Vitality conversion from Frenetic Throw, let’s make another dozen items with same functionality. It is so :crate:.