What are you watching?

The Holy Trinity of Entertainment is finally complete - books, music and TV are in one place, one time.

This thread is dedicated to TV shows, movies, cartoons, anime - anything you are currently watching, plan on watching or watched in the past.

Share your experience with others, leave your honest reviews. Give advices and recommendations!

Last weekend I watched ‘Into the Night’ from 1985 by John Landis.

Pretty good light-hearted action movie with a touch of comedy. Enoyed it. Good old 80’s material.

Right now waiting for MR.Robot and Chance next seasons, that comes exactly in the same day as the expansion, lmao sad life :furious:

Watching Scrubs again. All 8 seasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some stuff like this or Babylon 5 I kinda always come back to.

currently waiting for the walking dead

but i mostly watch the old WW 2 series and documentaries that are shown National geographic

The Electric Dreams SF anthology series based on Phillip K. Dick stories.

It’s pretty well done (three episodes in so far). Looking forward to the one based on “Beyond Lies the Wub”, probably my favourite PKD short story.

The new Star Trek series. The first two episodes were fun, so I a willing to stick with it till the end.

Breaking bad

Mindhunter and How to get away with a murder.

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I’m also watching this (it’s on netflix here unlike in the US, yay). The start has been promising but I have to admit that I zoned out completely last night on ep 6. Guess some weaker episodes are to be expected every now and then.

Some fans of Grim Dawn, apparently.

I like how you are so incredibly insulting and condescending toward Americans, and then say the MOVIE is the one that MIGHT be stereotypical. Really??

SOME Americans, yes, are like you describe. Not all. Do you live in America, or ever been here?? Or is your opinion based strictly on movies and television??

I read that as simply a description of what’s in the movie, not their own opinion.

I did too…until his last sentence. “aren’t that far-fetched.”

If he did not say that, or said SOME Americans, I would have no issue, He said Americans, which means ALL, and his last sentence means he doesn’t think the movies stereotypes are that far from the truth.

Just finished seasons 3 of the Newsroom today. Season 1 is definitely the best with such a great opening scene:wink:

Short but funny anime - One Punch Man

just finished Stranger things season 2

now i feel empty

and every monday the new walking dead episode

I watched a bit of this after years of not caring and I noticed that by now you’d better call it the slowly crawling dead. Such a slow show, I gave up again after half an episode. Nothing happened :confused:

I am watching Berserk at the moment :slight_smile: Cant believe I havent watched this already

Brooklyn 99. Although it’s getting quite boring towards the end of the 4th season. I think that’s because there’s no major story arc to get invested in.