What .dbr files do I need to edit to make all totems spawn?

I’m working on a mod for personal use and have been trying to figure out what controls the totem spawning. I know each totem has a chance to spawn but only a certain amount can spawn per area.

I’ve looked through various records and have been unable to locate it. I tried looking through the level files and haven’t had any luck there, yet, but I also can’t get the levels.arc unpacked for Forgotten Gods, so I don’t think they’ll show up in the world editor for the base game world/level files.

Does anyone have any ideas?

To make all totems spawn you will have to edit the map files.

Each totem placed will be tied to a group, where only one object from the group can spawn. Groups can be seen from the link tool in the editor. Removing each totem from each group should make them all spawn.

You can extract the map files with grimarc

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