What does % all damage do?

Hi i am new to this forum and i did search and did not find what i was looking for.

So ingame when increase skills that gives % all damage and then look at my dps it’s the same a before (no change) so my question is. What do %all damage increase? I don’t get it.

% all dmg increases all regular dmg types, not retal
if it’s on pet items/with mentioned pet bonus it only increases pet dmg ofc

basically if you’re a fire build and have +10% fire dmg or +10% to all dmg it gives the same dmg increase

tooltip displaying X or not displaying, would depend on which skill you’re taking tooltip you’re looking at

Important: Differentiate between %allDMG and %totalDMG.

In the end, you could have a dmg bonus for fire of 2000%. (just an example)

+100% allDMG will lead to 2100%.
+100% totalDMG will lead to 4000%

pretty sure total dmg doesn’t display like that, probably because it doesn’t doesn’t just affect regular %dmg bonus

Thats true. I admittedly oversimplified in order to show the difference.
TotalDMG should in fact multiply the very-end-dmg. 100% totalDMG should indeed double the displayed DPS.

Wow that was quick replies, thank you.
I have been playing for a long time however i still learn new stuff and still a bit confused.

I am building a warder with primal strike and that’s the skill i was looking at when i was increasing % all damage and did not see any increase to my dps with primal strike.

Could use some tips. Was trying to add my build into grim tools calculator so that i could share it however when go to chose armor and weapons the item on my char does not appear in the list for some reason. How do people do that?

Btw should i increase physical damage, i mean i am using two handed axe however my main damage is lightning or is it better to go with elemental damage?

if you’re on PC you can upload your save directly
top left arrow icon then navigate to your save (can possibly just type in character name in top right search box that appears)
then hit the share button below (3dots) and post link generated

physical dmg will do nothing for you, focus in lightning or %elemental (flat elemental dmg is divided in 3 to fire cold lightning, so 12 elemental is 4 fire 4cold 4 lightning %elemental is applied equally to all 3 so 100% elemental is 100% fire 100% cold 100% lightnign)

Thanks i understand so i will make som changes and if you can, check out my build and give me som tips, i will link it here.

Figured it out here it is, any help to make it better is appreciated =)

Not fully polished, but I think it got the most important covered:

Dont forget your RR (from the wind devils) and
With this setup: Skip the health regeneration things, its not enough.
Around 4k regeneration is worth having an emphasis on.


Also OP consider dropping Storm totem; or one pointing it. Extra points can go to Fighting spirit, War cry for damage reduction if needed. Because of highish crit damage more OA is always good. Also I didn’t see augments on rings and amulet? Grab skyshard powder from Coven , juicy OA and lightning.

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Thanks again i really appreciate the support =)

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Wow i looked at the changes you made to the build and followed it and increased my dps with primal strike by 16k and i also adde fighting spirit =)

Btw i have tried to Google for information on where certain items drop so i can farm my last pice for the ultos set however it seems that it’s random and not just certain enemies in certain places that drops it, Is that true?

It is indeed a random drop. If you have duplicates you can transmute them into other (random) pieces of the set.

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Also it would be more than just 16k dps that increased; raging tempest node from Wind devil gives valuable rr and will make your build feel much faster.

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I forgot about that, now i have to test this new build =)

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16k might just be from the speed increase alone (squad tactics).

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True actually, didn’t think about that.

Bro drop Storm totem…. Put the points else where.