What does it take for pets to get those juicy orange / red crits? (solo if possible)

About 99% of the builds I make are pets, just like them better. But, once in a while I’ll build a non-pet build because an idea strikes, whatever… well, one of my non-pet builds with ~3700OA does lovely colorful intense orange - red crits. I want my pets to do that… so, I went all in on OA (and have crit % dmg up decently).

All I get are boring yellow-tan crits, sometimes one will just barely start to get more towards orange. What does it take for pets to get those heavy hammer bomb crits like non-pet builds? This build has good flat OA sources in skills and gear, big % OA for the pets, the blight fiend and curse should be taking away a nice chunk of the enemy DA creating a favorable pet OA / enemy DA ratio (in my mind this is how it should work, I have zero science or evidence to back this up :stuck_out_tongue: ). At least against trash I should get those big orange hits, right? Well, in reality… Nope. What does it take…? Halp!: :slight_smile:

186% OA with procs solo… nom nom nom

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Perhaps you could test one of your pets without dynamic OA buffs / DA debuffs against a dummy (single attack would be best) in Devil’s Crossing to check if it agrees with the calculator. OA of pets should be in Pet Database and DA of Dummy in Monster Database. There are various tiers of crits listed.

Since the update I’ve had no luck getting internals to work, so the available info I have to work with is limited. That being said, the Hellhound should have 2348 OA without any buffs from the toon. No active proc’s going (unless BoD is considered a proc), just my hellhound out with toon in DC fighting the dummy. Toon in this state without any extras has +171% pet OA and BoD is at 18/16 for an additional 150 flat OA (looking at the pics, I never activated BoD…).

I always assumed that +171%OA (or any value for pet OA) would apply to the base OA of the pet. Is that not the case? I should get some pretty significant crits against the dummies in DC with that much OA, no?

Attacks, crits are as light beige as they come. Dunno why.

I see 4 tiers of Crits here: 1.96, 2.06, 2.16 and 2.26 when there are 5 in total with 10% Crit damage differences.
You’re having at least Orange here, maybe even Red. They are just not colored and enlarged.

Do you believe this is just a cosmetic thing? This is on purpose? The reason I ask is because some pet crits do start to turn more orange-ish, once in a while. I will try to have to see if those are closer to a 3x multiplier, maybe. But rarely, it does happen. Not sure if the crit color scale is different for pets.

Not sure. Maybe it’s your debuffs that are critting. Perhaps some pet player could chime in.

Good point, I suppose the rare orange crit number I see might be something my toon casts to support the pets, not the pets themselves.

I’m horrible with both numbers and as an extension math.
That being said I have to agree with you that it might just be cosmetic. Perhaps something in the code but not necessarily a bug per say.
My pets during the successful SR185 run were doing crits that my 2 highest OA characters would only DREAM of. Yet their numbers were pale yellow. Here you can see them eating Zantarin alive getting constant & consistent 3X multipliers on their crits!

They can’t have any more OA flat or percentage than with that team as it has every and I mean EVERY team mastery buff as well as devotion buff. The numbers don’t lie either so there must be something in the code. I don’t think I have ever seen any of my pet builds get yellow~orange crits like my non-pet builds.
Here are my 2 other highest OA/crit builds. Each with higher than usual OA and we can see the clear and distinct color variation in the crit hits.

I’d be interested to hear what @zantai has to say about this.

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Thanks for the additional infor, Desi. Yea, I see some 3.56x’s there. That should be big, red I would imagine. Must be something in the code, as you mention. Crits are displayed differently than non-pet crits it would seem.

I think I’ve found confirmation in files that players have differently colored crits while pets do not:



You can see players have 5 different styles while pets only 1. I can see if I can mod it.

[edit] I wrote that it’s not possible but I’ll try one more thing.

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Thank you tqFan, think that settles it for good. Wish I would have brought it up before the patch, I would have insistently begged. :smiley:

I couldn’t make it work. Doesn’t seem to have support in engine
(or I’m changing / making new template incorrectly [to have petCritStyle be an array like CritStyle not a variable]).

Thank you again for trying. That would have been nice… I wonder why such a hard limit on how those are displayed.

Don’t know about crits specifically but I know in the past that Crate disallowed showing pet DoTs as it causes a flood of appearing numbers that obscures the view. A lot of bright/spammed procs already make it hard to see at end game but I guess they didn’t want to make an already present problem even worse.

Might be the same reason here - maybe pet players long ago reported pets critting too much for large font numbers made it harder to see or it’s something Crate tested and decided on for themselves.