What if player character can be knocked back/ down?

we see our enemies getting knocked around/down like pinballs most of the time in gd. what if our character get a taste of their own medicine? yes. the taken can be stunned/freezed/petrified, but getting knocked back and down by dangerous bosses? will it add fun challenge to the game? or is it a bad idea as it sounds? is it moddable? which kinds of enemies should be given the ability to ping-pong our character and kick them while they’re down?

is this a serious topic, or silly topic?
answer: yes.

well wouldn’t be much fun if you get stuck in something. I do like the idea if it works properly.

I think the devs did not include this “feature” because it would ruin the fun for a lot of players because you can’t do anything for the time of receiving the knockback, the knockdown duration itself and the get-back-up animation, which is in total much longer than the given duration. Also you don’t need to make these animations for the PC.
Will it add challenge to the game? Definitely
Will it add fun to game? Problaby not (that depends on the player)

The problems are something else: What happens when the PC is getting knocked back into an area where they can’t move? What if you’re knocked down constantly, so you can only watch the PC die. This could happen in Crucible or Shattered Realm when you fight multiple bosses at the same time.

Is it moddable? I’m no modder, so I can’t tell you exactly, but giving enemy knockdown sounds like an easy task. But keep in mind any character has to get back up before they can receive another knockdown.

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Generally, mechanics that reposition the player without their control are not well received as they can lead to very unfair-feeling deaths (ex. you are forced to run through pools of damage that results in a RIP, particularly nasty in HC).

Valdaran’s little trick is already strafing that line, but its redeeming factor is that you are still able to press inputs before/after the teleport.

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I remember some older games like Phantasy Star Online and the newer marvel ultimate alliance 3 had a mechanic that flipped your controls to “confuse” you. I always hated that shit.

that kind of mechanic would suck in Grim Dawn but I can imagine it in a spin off, a drunken bar fight simulator called Burrwitch Brew Brawl :beers::facepunch::tooth: :scorv:


I think getting rooted in place is already risky enough especially when the timing is just right when your HP is in the red and you’re getting mobbed.

Slightly ironically I replied to you about this topic back in March :wink:

It seems that the original post/thread that medierra had posted that snippet in no longer seems to exist. Searching keywords/phrases from his section I quoted no longer seems to yield results in the search bar. Musta been cut out with the forum move.

NOPE. nopenopenopenopenope.

Hard pass from spanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting permafrozen by mousie is enough for me. Last thing I want is to be knocked into his bloody ice crystals by maiden’s blitz.

i guess i completely forgot about it. thx for quoting the old thread from the old forum.

with all the responses from medierra, zantai, and forum players, it seems knockback/down mechanics affecting players would be too annoying and imbalanced. though i wonder if gd 2 can implement that feature (with options of resisting knockback that kinda works similarly to stun resists, e.g: shortening the knockback distance and the animations of being knocked down and getting up).

the closest we got is valdaran’s instant teleport hook (maybe there’s other enemies with similar abilities that i forgot).

oh well, i’ll just continue imagine the taken being insta buried into the ground or knocked up into the air (not innuendo) when they’re being stunned. the ragdoll physics shenanigans when fighting humanoid mobs sometimes makes me wish grim dawn can be brawltastic in its combat.