What is the future of Grim Dawn? Also what is the first DLC I should get?

I only have the base game so will complete that before I get the DLC. Curious, what DLC should I get first? Usually I would have bought everything by now, but since I am out of work, money is very limited so I need to pick and choose what I buy. Hoping to have enough money saved up in a few weeks to get some expansions. Which one should I get first?

Also I would like to know, what is the future of Grim Dawn? Will there be more expansions? I can’t wait for this to come on Xbox to be able to play with wife and friends. Until then, what is the future for the PC version? Will there be more expansions even after released on Xbox or the Xbox version will be released only when the PC version is complete and done?

I hope this franchise will live long. Be it another Grim Dawn with updated graphics or continue with Grim Dawn and expansions.

You can’t play Forgotten Gods without Ashes of Malmouth, so you will need to get the latter regardless. Get both.

Game is still getting updates and a new rogue dungeon is coming in the near future, but it seems Forgotten Gods is the last major expansion.

Well, you need to have Ashes of Malmouth to be able to play the second expansion Forgotten Gods so get AoM first and add FG later. Crucible is a separate add on battle arena mode where you fight waves of foes to earn loot. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea so if it’s not yours then don’t bother to buy it unless you want to support the devs. The two Loyalist Packs are just cosmetic items and the packs are again if you want to support the devs, no need to have the packs to play the game.

As for the future, Crate have said several times that FG is likely to be the last big content push for the game, but they’ll keep supporting it so long as it makes sense financially for them to do so.

Thank you @Norzan. So Ashes of Malmouth will be the first expansion I buy. If I can afford it, I will get both but if now, will Ashes of Malmouth first.

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tbh: buy them all. Beside Crucible, If you dont like Arena/wave based mechanics.
I May Sound like a fanboy, but both AoM and FG add so much to the Game, extending the already great mechanics to its fullest. I dont really want to compare them, but present state of GD is the D3 i have always dreamed of.
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the future of grim dawn? its grim.

ok. bad jokes aside, the future of grim dawn is just like what medea said. crate will most likely only focuses on patching and fixing gd with a little bit of small new content here and there. if crate wants to make gd2, its most likely they’ll need a lot of time to create a new engine for it.

as for dlc, go with ashes of malmouth 1st. its basically a continuation of the original game. crucible is only appealing if you already have mastered the skill of crafting builds you want theoretically (and if you like to stay in an arena fighting almost nonstop with little scenery change, go crucible. its a good dlc for farming rare items though. but only if you already have a near maximized char that can farm crucible effectively). AoM also have +xp potion from malmouth resistance faction that can greatly speed up your alternate chars’ leveling. get AoM 1st.

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Sure, but it’s not at all certain they will decide on making a new engine. As is evident with Grim Dawn, the existing engine can be optimized in rather large ways, and Medierra said that basically, there are few limits to what a thoroughgoing revision and enhancement of the current engine could achieve. Once they sit down and compare the costs of working on the existing engine and licensing some other, they will make their decision.

I think the base game offers a whole lot of entertainment. I played the base game for nearly 700 hours over three years before finally buying AoM recently on sale. I could have played the base game some more but wanted some more stash space - new classes, areas, items are all great but it was STASH that really held me back. So if you are low on money and having fun with the base game then I would not rush to buy the expansion(s). They aren’t going to go anywhere. I’d play the game at least three times with some different builds and spend some time at end game.

3rd expansion is not entirely excluded as well. FG has been out for less than 3 months and sells continue to accumulate, potentially might reach the “sweet” spot which will make them start working on the next XP.

Though my bet is they will first launch the XBOX port and then announce the expansion - more sales!

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But they want to do a bundle of game and expansions for Xbox so that makes little sense.

Truth is we just don’t know and until Crate decide to say anything definite one way or the other we just have to wait for news.

I certainly hope there isn’t a third expansion. Game has enough content as it is, anything major and it would feel bloated (mini content updates like a rogue dungeon is fine, to an extent).


Same for me. There is a point where keeping adding extra content just make a game overwhelming, reason why I couldn’t never get into Path of Exile. And people are already a little overwhelmed by the current state of the game, judging by the amount of questions about what dlcs should they get or how or when they should push to complete certain content.

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please no more expansions or stuff I rather see builds etc get more balancing instead

There’s also the fact the stories they want to tell require a full blown sequel, something an expansion can’t do justice (i recall Zantai saying this, for the Chthonians and Aetherials).

The only thing they can do with an expansion is some random, completely not setup story which is honestly boring. Because everything they have setup so far has been followed up in the expansions (Aetherials, Chthonians, Death’s Vigil, Kymon’s Chosen and Korvaak).

A couple of small content pieces and some balancing patches and then calling it quits is more than enough. More expansions require a ton more balancing and the game is already three years old (and that’s official release years, that’s not counting everything before).

I am looking forward to play the final version of GD. No more patches and stuff!

i think crate designed korvaak’s arc to be the final chapter of gd1. since after defeating korvaak, we got heavily involved with the intrigues of celestial beings.
gd1 is about surviving the early damage from aetherial and chthonian invasion, while uncovering the reason behind grim dawn event and stopping korvaak’s intervention and getting the 3 nice witches on the eldritch throne again.
gd2 will most likely have the aetherial and chthonian forces retaliates back at protagonist’s allied factions, while some unknown/familiar celestial beings entered the fray to complicate matters further. the aetherial faction that invade cairn will probably get surprise visit from other aetherial factions from aetherhold that wants to intervene the whole disaster. the 3 nice witches will do… something sneaky in the background. chthon will be upgraded. and yugol will make its presence known to all.

I agree about having enough xpac as is. I have 1.5k hours in the game and I already start to feel kind of overwhelmed. At this point I’m just playing it to find out about the stories, which has been fantastic thus far. There is so much potential to pursue in that regards, a lot of loose ends to tie and character stories to be had. I’m sure we all want to see our character’s ascension to godhood.

A complete sequel will probably be needed for a proper continuation. That would take…years I suppose.

I hope the rogue dungeon will have a closing story on the aetherial we save at the theodin dungeon.

that might happen. remember talia the witch from blood grove appearing in the coven if we rescue her? and the tale of katherin’s baby surviving valbury and rescued by a bysmiel cultist who tells you this story in coven of the three?

that being said, its hard to see how crate would insert hagarrond into fg’s roguelike. especially if the roguelike will have nothing aetherial about it. who knows.

From strategic business perspective it would make more sense for them to first relase the Xbox port > get as many sales as possible/coverage/players engagement > announce XP3 around end of Q3`19 and ensure you get even more sales from Xbox XP3 and PC.