What is the top 2H PS Ultos build post patch?

Conjurer vs Vindicator?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - struggling to get my conjurer up to date as it feels too squishy and lack of WPN dmg life leech (as PS has 0 of it with the transmuter) is a pain for a low armor 2h melee build :frowning:

Just dont see how Conj (1 heal, 12 phy resists and 180 OA) can compare with Vind (Seal!!, tons of Crit/dmg from Seal, Deadly Aim, Censure, 30% Chaos/Aether res, 180 DA etc).

no way it’s vindicator. Conjurer or Druid

Just dont see how Conj (1 heal, 12 phy resists and 180 OA)

You are missing 15% IAS and 30+%Ele RR from conjurer. And 12% phyz resist is a lot if you alredy have 30+.
Lets do the math :stuck_out_tongue:
10k hit vs 2.5k armor 15% phyz resist 200 dmg absorb : 5.8k dmg taken
10k hit vs 2.5k armor 27%phyz resist and no absorb : 4,8k dmg taken
10k hit vs 1.5k armor 39%phyz resist and no absorb: 4,6k dmg taken

Vindicator is far from the best. I’d have Conjurer, Druid then Warder before I would consider Vindicator.

Problem with Vindicator is that you can’t take both Censure and Stormcallers pact.

Conjurer has RR and Attack speed, phys res with easier resist capping. Druid has mirror and better energy management. Warder has resists, armor, attack speed and warcry.

Vindicator has RR too, ans huge crits. Can Conjurer and Druid do 5 sec mad queen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem with Vindicator is that you can’t take both Censure and Stormcallers pact.

Stormcaller is one of worst exclusive skill`s in the game, so I wouldn’t call it a problem. :wink: but lack of attack speed is annoying .

Not for Ultos build. The only problem with stormcaller is that it’s as if tailor made for ultos build but kinda meh for others

Thanks for the input guys - really forgot that Pact i exclusive (since for a such its a letdown…:slight_smile: ).

Has anyone been able to build a top tier Ultos so far?

Mad lee had one. And Drizzto made one pre AoM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVltPPAYWh0

Adapting one to AoM is pretty much getting the higher tier of the same items

Speaking about Primal Strike alone and not Savagery

Vindicator using Censure is actually slightly weaker than Stormcaller variant. With Vindicator the smartest thing to do is focus on Crit Damage and Flat Damage. Even with that and the heal skill it should be behind Druids and not too behind Conjurers

Druid lacks RR but has Mirror, Nullification and Crit Damage so is the best one especially for end game both offensively and defensively

Conjurer has RR, Heal and Physical Res so is slightly better than Crit focused Vindicator.

Warder is behind all three, all it brings is some defenses which doesn’t add much to the PS playstyle.

Elementalist which used to be top-tier for Ultos at some point is now unfortunately the worst. If you plan on making one then I’d advice against it cause despite being not too shabby chances are you’d be missing out on a good amount of Primal Strike Experience by picking that class combo. Speaking of why the hell is Blazerush not giving Elementalists a Fire based Primal Strike yet?

As for MQ, not sure about Conjurers but I MQ is basically Druid’s bitch. Also Druid can do Crucible 170 (with Savagery I mean, not sure about PS)

Hmm so concensus is that PS Conjurer is on the sucky side :slight_smile: or just PS even with all the buffs is just OK-ish but not on the same ballpark like FS/Cadence/Savagery


would you agree that Vindicator has more damage of all combo? I dont see other classes beating it. But I am talking about just dmage aspect cause others are indeed better on defense

You will be hard pressed to find a 2h Auto attack that can.

The best I got was 6.5 pre AoM with Worldeater mega shotgunning skill

Ultos vindicator does not have more dmg than Conjurer really, or druid

Huh? No Conjurer, Vindicator and Druid are among the best. Warder is not bad but not too good either. All three bring something different to the table that adds to the PS playstyle

Elementalist is the worst.

It should be on par with them.

  1. has RR
  2. has more flat damage and crit damage
  3. has the highest staying power amongst them all, along with crit damage.

You should consider reviving that build. It was hella cool

Quite interesting details here. Would test personally to find out:p

A hard question to ask.
Inquisitor provide 33% rr from Censure,32 flat phyz dmg from steel resolve 36 flat ele dmg from AE. 15% crit dmg from AE and 20%crit dmg/18%OA from Deadly aim with ~60% uptime. And some racial dmg bonuses . Due to amount of Crit dmg and relatively low value of OA Censure is the best option for Vindicator for both dmg output and utility.
Conjurer provide:
15%IAS from Solael wichfire, 138 OA from BoD, 30% RR from vulnerability. Burst dmg is better with Inquisitor, but overall dps should be better with Conjurer.
%25 Crit dmg from EB, flat dmg from IEE line, OA from inner focus. But most important - fumble removal from Nullification and 6 second of immortality from mirror.

^^ kind of agree now. Unless we are talking about range type ultos build but for full ultos setup conjurer and druid should be better mmm i see the light now. :smiley:

Ultos + Censure

You hate PAct too much. I love censure but come on.

I got both Ultos Druid and Ultos Vindicator and I drafted an Ultos warder for a steam friend in grimtools (which turned out to be a pretty effective build in-game, at least he was happy). Vindicator is 4 piece Ultos + Evoker of Elgoloth. It is absolutely disgusting in terms of dps. But with full Ultos I wouldn’t touch Vindicator.

Warder is very streamlined, very stable dps machine if you go Savagery + wps route, fewer buttons to press, a lot of OA/DA/Crit Damage.

With Druid I went both Savagery and Primal Strike. Big single target dps and huge aoe (biggest I’ve seen in-game), very tough, but for Crucible you will probably have to go Aeon for double mirror.

On paper Conjurer looks like biggest DPS, but I think it’s not going to be that effective because how squishy it is. Also, an extra button to press.

On paper Conjurer looks like biggest DPS, but I think it’s not going to be that effective because how squishy it is

With new buff Conjurer should sit at ~%50 phyz res in Crusible. I wont call it squishy, but you can always switch Stormcaller for Posession or Blood stuff.