What is the use of a doctor?

The maintenance cost of the hospital is very expensive, but its effectiveness is very low. The transportation of seriously injured soldiers (such as ulcerated wounds) should be completed by doctors, rather than randomly selecting an extremely inefficient worker. Patients with serious injuries cannot receive timely treatment, leading to death (First aid ambulance)


I have also noticed that many of my wounded or sick from disease don’t seem to utilize the hospitals, unless they get what they need and then go home? Not sure how the mechanics of this works either.

I’ve noticed my mortally wounded never get taken to a doctor. Only broken bones and diseased folks. It is quite expensive for the amount of villagers who die to wounds.

Yes, I can only support that. If some is injured in battle or by a wild animal, the hospital or healers hut will not transport them. No matter how close or far they are (just put 3 healer’s close to a barrack under attack as a test, nothing happended)

I think in a very early version of the game last year, that was not the case. Healer’s were transporting and helping.


  • if you have a hospital AND a healer’s hut, the happiness adds up. That does not make any sense (healer is a healer). And so upgrading healer hut’s to hospital often creates reduced happiness / abondonmend if the areas overlap and now instead of Healer’s hut AND Hospital, there are just two hospitals.
  • what the healers do is also weird. It says, the are selling some kind of ointment (in Germen “Schalngensaft”) which is not part of the game anyhow. Should say just “medicine”

Why healers are needed:
If you don’t have enough healers and you get small pocks in the village, the death toll and time will increase drastically. Survival rate/ deaths to illness also increse drastically. Just tried it an tore down all of them.

Perhaps you can only get doctors once schools get upgraded to a college, only one per town though. Upgrading schools does not exist, yet. My thoughts: Healer clinics, one healer each, 12 gold per year. Schools allow clinics to have two healers if medicines are available from traders. Healers collect the wounded and sick. Upgrading one school to become a college allows for doctors, with a time delay for training. A single Apothecary becomes available after a doctor is available to work there, this allows for a single healer clinic to upgrade to a hospital with space for four doctors.
Colleges also allow specialisation amongst the other professions, who cannot be drafted into the army.

Yeah, doctors in this game are suck.