What is your longest Grim Dawn session - Playing non-stop!

What the titles says, what’s your record - maximum number of hours playing this game without breaks outside of bio calls!

Share you best / worst times?

I’ll start. 14 hours is my max in GD. The longest I’ve ever played any game is around 17-18 hours (America’s Army, NeverWinter Nights, BG2).

There, have at it!

I think I did 36 hours at one point when I was younger.

I’d like to think I’m a healthier and more balanced person now. Those days are long behind me.


Wow! 36 hours is insane! :astonished:

And just how old are you there, again, old man?


Note: I just might be rofling, ever so slightly, right about now. But grats on 36 hrs if you truly played that straight up with minimal break. Impressive, especially if achieved without the use of what is otherwise known as “hard” street drugs.

I don’t know my record but I’ve definitely had the game itself run a very long time.

Grim Dawn? Maybe 7 to 9 hours (hm, wife and kid were on holiday with parents-in-law iirc :thinking:).

All-time: WoW, about 40+ hours, Alterac Valley. Red Bull, Coffee, Cigarettes…repeat. Don´t do this.


3 hrs is my longest with any game. Too lazy to play for more than that…

I don´t think it´s your lazyness, you have quite a different problem:


Too lazy to play video game, classic. :smile:

My longest GD session is perhaps 4-5 hours. And that’s leveling.

My biggest all time record is perhaps 7-8 hours in WoW. It was funny at the time to play with friends for long period some raids. Lich king, you suck!

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Did it in Hardmode. Learn to play! :upside_down_face:

I still get shivers and twitching every time I hear or see the word “Lich”. But not from WoW. Long before WoW, there was another game - Baldur’s Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn. It had a few liches, powerful enough to destroy your entire party. But there was one… Kangaxx… So many sleepless nights in the times when internet guides were a distant future… One of the toughest enemies I’ve ever faced in the virtual world…

Just because you can go there, you don’t have to. :wink:

As a longtime D&D-Player I knew how to beat him. :blush:

Well, even earlier than Baldur’s Gate there were a lot of games I played for long sessions. Ultima IV/V, Bard’s Tale I - III, the whole SSI-line…

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But wouldn’t you? The realms call and you go, you know the drill haha

Stop distracting me from my quest!
A +4 weapon and a scroll of protection from undead = lich kaput
Now if you excuse me I got ekket’zul to farm…

I never used anything other than caffeine for gaming. Only drug I ever took when I was young was pot and I turned that into a once or twice a year thing pretty quick.

36 hours is nothing compared to when I was addict d to WoW

Chillllll… was just poking fun at ya :wink: 36+ no sleep tho… is rough on a person young or old.

This crpg/D&D noob (at the time) beat him using interwebs guides. Same with the dragons. I bought the game on release day too. I don’t think the gudies were a distant future at that time.

That reminds of the guy setting world record for playing 115 hours straight poker, without using even caffeine.


Makes my brain melt thinking of it. Some people are naturally wired that way tho.

I got the game around April-June 2000. Was living in univ dorms at the time. We had no internet. That was some 2.5-3k miles away from the nearest first world country. So, for me, the guides weren’t accessible for another year at least. With my friends, however, we had constant discussions about strategies to beat him and the dragons. Good old times…