What's the best way to go about building an SR75+ viable character from scratch?

Heya, I tried building an EoR build with cold damage, utilizing the new Morgoneth Set. I failed miserably. I could not survive well on SR75, which is why I hit this place up for some advice. I got a fair share of questions, thanks in advance for answering any of them:

Are there any specific equipment recommendations (other than the set)?
What class combo should I go with?
Devotion must-picks?
Highest priority on skills?

Help is much appreciated!

The guide and tutorial section :stuck_out_tongue:

Which, I’m sure, @nery is about to link you

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I can recommend you to play vitality caster. Usually Dark one set is easy to farm. Mega sustain and some damage on top.

Information might be a little outdated, but the concepts remain true

EDIT: If you were looking for a TL;DR, sorry mate - you’re shit outta luck. A difficult question about a difficult game requires some difficult reading

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Thanks a bunch! I will try to use these.