What's the latest on Crate's town builder game? Now entitled Farthest Frontier

Looking foward to seeing more details coming out :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Crate employee we’ve not seen on the forum before? If so, welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

If so is Medierra going to give us a Christmas present and release the town builder SOON! Please! :pray:

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Haha. Unfortunately I don’t know what Medierra’s plans are, but I’m as excited for you guys to see it as you are.


Well, give him another verbal poke from me to get the game out there for us to play. At this rate I’ll be making another birthday request for more info. :sob:


I have to say that “Town/City Builders” are another favorite of mine. I just got ANNO 1800 to scratch the itch! It’s a LOT bigger than I expected. And no, I’m not hinting or making any kind of hopeful comparison! :wink: :smiley:

I hope this Crate game does happen. But I am patient, so so long as it’s “coming one day” is fine by me. :grinning: ) Still happily playing GD now and then (trying yet another character build! There is so much choice!)

Just thought I’d add: Given several disappointing game releases the past couple of years, most especially Cyberpunk 2077, I would really much rather this game is ONLY released when it is actually ready! :unamused: And I don’t care how long that takes. I’m still happy with Grim Dawn. Grinding now for some achievements, because… why not? :smirk: I have 134 now. :+1: :blush:

any news on the town builder progress?

been waiting patiently in the shadows…

might return to GD if the wait is too long lol


Not since the last screenshots were posted back in April. :anguished:

This… we what you back - aka 10chars

Come back dikkie, we need more of the old EA/vanilla players back.

We need Medierra to spill the beans about the new town builder MOAR! Come on big M, please! :pray:

Okay, a few more bits of info from the GD Discord just now. Make of them what you will.

townbuilder: is combat optional or mandatory?

I would say it is inevitable
I’m still petitioning hard for wolves to rain from the sky

will it have named characters/heroes that can level up, or do you send anon cannon fodder against the wolves?

you can name your villagers


how else will you get your family and friends killed off

does one playthrough span several generations of your family or just one?

it’s a town builder"

Still waiting for that all important release date though. :anguished:


A game that had been in secret development for so long is going to totally explode the scene, will it? Will bears drop monster infrequents? Will settlers have belt and medal slots?

Some indies consisting of 1-2 developers made functional city builders in one year. I don’t know how much silent phase development that took. But its 2020 ending, and we haven’t even heard the name of the new game?

Damn big M, there are a lot of city building games coming out soon. Market’s going to be swamped with them.


Seeing some old names in this thread. Nice to see that the old guard is till around. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to Crate’s other projects, especially for whatever this Town Builder is about. Would be my intro to the genre.
An X-mas teaser\trailer would be dope btw, just sayin’


Yes, Crate just can’t seem to get rid of some of us. :rofl:

Welcome back and yeah, a teaser/trailer would be very nice. An Xmas release would be a perfect Christmas present.

12 days of xmas style?? :stuck_out_tongue:
Its ben so long with nothing a few extra days of goodies in a row would be sweet

Just realised what the name of my first town has to be Medierra - Medea’s Grove. :wink: :rofl:

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Look! Look! LOOK!



Look! MOAR!

Media – Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier – Crate Entertainment


Ooh yeah fantastic!

Release date when Medierra!