What's the latest on Crate's town builder game? Now entitled Farthest Frontier

They look great! :sunglasses:

maybe they’re running from their tyrannical overseer of maximum productivity > the mouse pointer.


I think the town mayor is looking for a new nightsoil collector.:rofl:

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He may have to travel to Erulan, then, because Night Soil is all the way back in Fallen Empires…

Now would be a great time to release this, given we cant really leave our houses. :wink:

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So true, arnge, so true. People getting bored with games they’ve played before and looking for something new to try.


what if people try replaying games they’ve played long, long time ago? doesn’t have to be classic oldies games. its like the saying > ‘so old, its new again’.

Looks amazing so far. When will we be able to pry more into the game tho? Like im curious already how resources are going to be allocated and transported, and if all villagers are going to be simulated. Looks absolutely gorgeous so far tho. I really love that you went with seasonal changes.

When Medierra FINALLY decides to tell us more about it. Come on big M. Spill!

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Aw man I’m almost glad I hadn’t seen this until now as the wait would be killing me. Looking forward to learning more about this in the future.

I dunno what type of game this will be… SIM City style? More like those “timewaster” things on tablets that I try to steer clear of, where you basically just have to click every 2 seconds? :smiley:

i don’t think it will be a mobile game…

the graphics leans toward pc semi-complex city micromanagement.
the runners we see on those screenshot could be workers for industry productions like those cart-pullers in caesar3/pharaoh etc.

a mobile city game is very unlikely to use them.
they prefer instant click-tax-collector-collecting-icons-above-building.
townsmen is the only mobile game i remember using those workers.

though if crate do want to put the game into mobile, i don’t mind it. i’m pretty sure crate won’t become those devs who force microtransaction is a must to proceed through middle part of their games.

Yeah that’s the biggest “Dealbreaker” for myself as well. I’m not in particular against Smartphone / Mobile “Gaming”, i’ve even quite some Good Games (though i’ve yet to point out most of them are ports of proper Games), and sure i prefer other Plattforms like PC, Consoles or Handhelds over it, but my biggest gripe about Mobile Gaming is the Monetization of the Devs and the mentality of the consumers. I simply can’t understand how 10 bucks or even 20 bucks are too much for a lenghty, high Quality Game (like Monster Hunter Stories) but F2P with a huge amount of (hidden) paywalls are absolutely okay.

Than again it reminds me of the “good ol’ days” (if you wanna call it like that) of MMORPG’s, where a lot of People trashed me and others for paying a subscription for World of Warcraft or other Games like that, but themself whaled into their F2P MMO’s for hundrets up to thousands of bucks. If i think about some specific individuals i know, i’d go even as far even if i would’ve played WoW since release and had all-time a subscription, i still wouldn’t be close to how much Money they spent on their Games for stuff like ingame weapons (p2w) or such stupid upgrade “Gemstones” / “Materials” to get a highend weapon (which could break and than you need to do it from the scratch) to +15 and stupid shit. Let aside all this MTX on Dev side like Skins, Boosters and stuff. The most absurd thing which i saw however was F2P Online-Shooters where you could only rent (good) “weapons” for hours / days… and either you grind yourself to death with the cheap weapons where you are at disadvantage or spent alot of money. Even though it’ve gotten better in that regard on PC / MMORPG Gaming (still not perfect though) Mobile Gaming took over with even more stupid things. Like Energybars where you either need to wait a few hours to refill so you can play again, or pay for that nonsense.

It wouldn’t surprise me that at some point f2p games are a empty shell, where you need to pay extra for each little feature. You want to have ingame sounds? Pay 5 bucks, for soundtrack pay 15 extra… but before that you need the basic package of Options for 25 bucks… and in the F2P version you can only play a watered down tutorial with half of it’s features…

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I just wish big M would put us out of our misery and tell us about it. Even better, let us play it!


I missed these new pics, looks great. The textures of the road and ground make the town feel organic, not just cut and paste buildings.

Im surprised this hasnt been named yet. We got nothing to do medieera. Revealing the title name is more than enough to mend our insane minds right now!

Y’all made great strides on your Grim Dawn 2 engine :wink: Looking forward to beta back that one too and hope we get another Build 18 again where things were extremely different…and fun :smiley:

Is this project cancelled? Haven’t heard anything concrete news for some time…

Medierra posted screenshots in April so I doubt it.

Still working on it! Fear not!