Whats the point in some mats being tradeable but not transferable?

Why can I trade things like Scrap, Tainted Brain Matter, ETC

But I cant place it in the shared stash? I mean I could literally just get my friend, trade him the stuff, and then get him to trade my other character.

But whats the point in making me use a middleman like that? If its going to be tradeable then why not let me place it in the shared stash?

Yep…I thought of the same thing.
Such setting seems completely nonsense…

Agreed. I start a new character and have to get a friend to help transfer some starting $$/Aether Crystals/Dynamite/Royal Jelly/etc.

Very tedious.

Agreed, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to require you to jump through hoops to achieve an already achievable end.

100% agreed.

Also, if the concern is “high level characters will give low level characters some mats”, we know it is not so bad. When you go from Normal to Elite, you got plenty of mats to resolve all the quests quickly. It does not make the game less interesting, simply less tedious.

Oh, and don’t forget. You also can’t trade those thing in normal trade window. You have to drop them on the ground!

100% agreed. You either make them soulbound (so you cant drop them on ground, only destroy), or you remove that stupid mechanics.

at some point in the past, Crate said they will probably allow mats to be transferable, but it never happened. i agree that it doesn’t make much sense, but it may be because they’re in the same category with quest items ? (not sure about that but they share the same color at least)

Wow. Great minds think alike. I was just venting on this exact issue with my best friend as we were starting a new project. First, I got on my high level toon and she got on her new toon so I could give her some iron and scrap. Then we switched so her high level toon could give my new toon some iron and scrap. Very clunky.

Agreed, it’s a total pain in the ass and it really only serves to open you up to getting scammed. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve traded some item for blood/brain/hearts, if we could just put that shit in the trade window that would be wonderful. And as for the stash, who cares if you twink out your alt with half a million iron and scrap? It only makes the game smoother to play, it doesn’t make any quests any easier than they would be by me making/buying the best lowbie gear I can.

Funny, I had planned to delete my first character tonight (because, like a noob, I put all my points in spirit) and transfer all mats/components to my stash and didn’t realize until reading this I would not be able to… seems really dumb (plus the fact I can’t respec ability points).

I mean, for crying out loud… at LEAST let us put crystals and iron bits in shared stash… it’s so stupid. When I want to give a new char a boost in iron bits I have to do so in the form of sellable items…

I see no point of not letting us put crystals in the stash, but letting us put crafting materials in… now if I want a particular component I have to transfer between characters so that the character with the crystals can craft the components for the other one.

I understand that these are quest items, but as it has been mentioned before, there are ways around that so please devs, instead of making us jump through hoops to pool our crystals and hearts/blood/brains when crafting a particularly material-heavy piece, allow us to share all mats. :slight_smile:

I have 5 lvl. 85 toons and it can take ages to craft a top-tier relic (made worse by the freeze-after-blacksmith bug).

Use GD Defiler to move the points from spirit to physics. No need to delete it!!


Thanks but I’d rather not start using that as it’s a slippery slope for me… it’s happened to me in the past, I start using something like that for something very minor and then one more little thing and then something really big and then all of a sudden the game is no longer fun for me because I’ve cheated and made it too easy.

I think not being able to trade rare mats like tainted brain etc is a good thing. A lot of people dupe mats and items. Being able to dupe mats would break the game totally and make the people who dupe lose interest quickly.

Just go to tyrant’s hold and get all legendaries.

It’s not like this prevents duping… you can get a tool to create as many mats as you want (or forthat matter, the actual items, save yourself the crafting part) or copy your char, craft legendaries, store those in the transfer stashand then copy back the char with the mats…

Lol, this reminds of back in the days of the vic 20/commodore 64 where you could dupe stuff in games like bards tale by swapping the 5 1/4 inch floppies to create multiple save files.

That may be but at least it’s a deterrant. Not all people who dupe will not go that far. And if they do the second part of what you said, well, at least they have to do a bit of work for it.

Overall I think some limitations are good. It makes people strive to work around them and appreciate the point to which they’ve taken their build.

I played TQ a lot and Defiler and TQ vault although very useful made things too easy. The temptation is too high and there are very few who are disciplined enough to be selective with what these tools offer, or that even want to.

Grim dawn offers plenty of way to get your legendaries. Besides ingredients or relics etc. mats are also a way to make up for lost time during farming. Get enough of them and you have a guaranteed legendary. I think it’s pretty generous.

Not saying this to sound like a purist, beacuse i’m not, but because I really like this game.

Yup they really should fix this…It’s like they forgot to do it, doesn’t make sense.