What's your thoughts on the 5th Rogue Dungeon?

For me its just ok… :smirk:

What I like :
a. atmosphere is excellent, fighting on a floating area feels like Chaos sanctuary with excellent astral backdrop
b. “other heroes” room pits you against mages with decent shotgun attacks
c. Magus morgoneth decent boss overall and decent damage
d. reskinned enemies still feels new with new cool powers (love the elemental nova)

What i dont like:

a. tiny compared to port valbury
b. environment damage not visible?
c. boss could use a MOAR epic look and MOAR hp

Borrowing from meme corner:


d. Tentacles galore, someone at Crate cant get over watching high school anime

But thank you Crate for this new content. A solid 8.5/10 for me. a good taste of eldritch powers and we get proper mage fights in the game at last

What about you? How do you feel about this dungeon, possibly our last taste of a roguelike :sob:

Well, fhe Roguelike Dungeon is a bit harsh, what I like.
Also, environment and atmosphere are cool, fighting in the presence of Yugol.

What I don’t like:
Last boss. Strange melee passiveness and ridiculous damage reduction (84%). Also, armor is not that beautiful that I’ve expected. :frowning:

No nemesis spawns in the dungeon, and the monster variety could use some help for more MIs (add some Gargoyles from the Astral Plains, please). The area could use some music too.

Graphically it’s kinda neat, and i love the theme. The path there is gorgeous as all hell as well.

It’s ok. I cleared it once. Boss should have been harder.

What I do hate though is that it introduced the new kind of “celestial” enemies (not capital letter Celestials, the purple mutations of regular enemies) with their freaky huge AoE whirlpool. The Hunger chunks in SR (with the 3 Log-like bosses) seem extremely hard now.

This. Totally agree.

Really liked the look of it, I only wish the degradation was more pronounced as you delve deeper into the dungeon. I’m not a fan of the spell effects as I’m always scared that some arcane bolt is hiding behind all those void projectiles.

I was really looking forward to have some so much needed explanations/extra lore for the multiple loose ends in GD but ended with just a very generic run of the mill dungeon and the story around it.

I dont think anyone was interested in yet another generic no name out of the blue character like Morgoth - that should have been one of the fallen/forgotten gods but instead we get him.
Callagadra lore i guess it was added due to mass demand - still feels generic a pure lost golden opportunity to introduce us to a mad Ulzaad or Ulzuin - imagine the thrill!

If that is the last major content for GD i really was praying that it ends on a high note (lore and story wise).

Otherwise - really appreciate Crate`s effort and considering its free we all should give them lots of hugs for the hard work. As well as more opportunities to throw money at them.

Crate have already said they’re not wrapping up the storyline so that won’t be happening. AoM and FG answered some questions, but also asked others. We’ll just have to wait for any sequel to find out the answers to those.

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Just wanted to thanks the devs for the new content. The path to enter the tomb is amazing, every place shine and has an amazing art and it was a true pleasure to unravel the path.
the dungeon itself is nice too, beautiful and with a few tricks to distinguish it from the others, like the two special rooms, the boss spawning when you don’t expect them… speaking of which we come to the only real downside imo : the monster variety could be improved a little but it’s ok to me, boss diversity isn’t. i wish they’ll be more variated like in Ancient Grove, even if that means less of them.
the last fight is epic, though (doesn’t beat the Magi in Ulti yet :sweat_smile:) and all in all, that’s another great adition to an awesome game.

Many thanks !

Does that floor aoe deal noticeable damage? I’ve intentionally stepped into it on characters with low regen (hungering void up) and bar wasnt budging. Bo debuff icon either. It is so big and spammed that I assumed it wouldn’t be as vicious as the standard ones and it feels that way too.

We need another Court of the Magi hero Room, 2 heroes in a room is tiring for achievement hunters, its annoying to get back again and again as its RNG based spawn… that .01 % achievement on steam aint getting up at all for sure! got my achievement after 8 or 9 runs! I imagine nobody will be doing this!!

my ultimate suggestion so that players will be getting the achivement easily is to put all 7 heroes in one room for the ULTIMATE mage-bang deathroom. one run, one shot towards the achievement! Plus having all 7 against you surely will be a fight to be remembered! Sadly Crate, does not implement this kind of sinful activity in campaign, so shame we can only dream! :imp:

It’s too hard, I can’t beat it

Probably, given that there isn’t any.

really sad isnt it? its a downgrade then… when all the others are rich in traps and environment annoyances which is a feature necessary in a rogue dungeon, plus many loved these mechanics from Port Valbury. but oh wait… Ancient Grove does not have any too right? not inc boss fight

SoT/BoC have turrets.
PV has ground damage/tornadoes.
AG has wandering patrols.
TotH has random Hunger spawns.

I wouldn’t call any one of these an up- or down-grade over another. Mechanics are mechanics and TotH is in competition with SoT and PV for my favorite roguelike.

you are right. Its just that my good ol memories of excitement/morbid fear when i was playing sot/boc/pv got the better of me. those dungeons felt a lot more close and personal to me. The newer ones not so much or maybe i am just getting so good at this game that these new dungeons arent so challenging me anyMOAR :smiling_imp:

if i have to be honest i don’t like it. Too short and “generic” also : i lost an hc char to is so i’m salty but yes it think it will be the one i will run less, there is a big difficulty gap between this one and all other dungeons in the game so i don’t feel that farming it is a good idea (i play hc).
I know you guys “sr gazillions naked” “glad cruci wave 170 in 30 seconds” won’t agree.
One last thing, don’t get me wrong i love the this patch i just think that maybe that dungoen could use some adjusting.

I like it, farming it seems pretty rewarding but it took me too many runs to get a weapon to drop from the boss. Stinkin’ RNG :smirk:

What to praise?
Another riddle
That the vendor sells rare FG mats
That it introduces a set that makes reaper a #1 pick for something
That the enemies actually pressure my glass cannon builds
That the boss density via hunger spawns and the magi produces a decent legendary drop rate for players who want to farm roguelikes in place of SR/crucible

Only thing I’m left questioning are the frame eating animations

As a HC player I don’t fully agree with this statement. Yes, the new dungeon may feel a bit too short and generic. But it’s not as hard as you think. It depends on the build you use. I don’t recommend doing any dungeon runs with a low tier to mediocre spec. But take a strong build and you might be disappointed. I rushed through it with my Warlord and felt almost robbed of fun as each and every boss was downed in just a few seconds. I didn’t even see my health bar move. That’s frustrating. But then again, as someone pointed out, it is expected if you are using your toughest cookie cutter. As for farming gear, I’d rather do low SR than this new dungeon. There’s no comparison really.