Where is the Church?

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Alors, pour un jeu censé se dérouler au Moyen-Age, l’absence d’église me semble être une grosse faute.
Pour faire un brin d’histoire : Ce sont les moines qui ont défriché les forêts pour en faire des pâturages ou des champs. Et dès qu’il y avait 3 ou 4 masures, une église était construite.
Pour le jeu, je verrais bien quelque chose comme ça : Il faudrait construire un monastère et seuls les moines pourraient défricher le terrain. Plutôt qu’un hôtel de ville comme bâtiment de départ, ce devrait donc être un petit monastère que l’on pourrait agrandir en fonction de nos besoins en défrichage. Les moines ont toujours cultivé les simples afin de soigner la population. Une des extensions pourrait être un jardin de simples. Simples que l’on devrait chercher sur la carte avec possibilité de les déplacer comme les myrtilles.
Pour les églises, je verrais bien plusieurs tailles. Une petite église en bois rapidement construite pour les débuts. Et ensuite on corse les choses avec les pierres et le calcaire (mine à ajouter au jeu ainsi qu’un bâtiment de tailleur de pierre : Une église ne se bâtit pas avec des pierres brutes !) et pourquoi pas la fabrication de vitraux. On a déjà le sable, ne manque que le plomb et l’atelier.
Les églises, en fonction de leur taille ajouteraient du bonheur aux paysans.

J’espère que cette lacune sera vite corrigée. Franchement, pas d’église au MA…

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So, for a game supposed to take place in the Middle Ages, the absence of a church seems to me to be a big mistake.
To tell a bit of history: It was the monks who cleared the forests to turn them into pastures or fields. And as soon as there were 3 or 4 hovels, a church was built.
For the game, I would see something like this: We would have to build a monastery and only the monks could clear the land. Rather than a town hall as a starting building, it should therefore be a small monastery that we could expand according to our clearing needs. The monks have always cultivated herbs in order to heal the population. One of the extensions could be a herb garden. Simple ones that should be searched on the map with possibility to move them like blueberries.
For churches, I would see several sizes. A small wooden church quickly built for the beginnings. And then we complicate things with stones and limestone (mine to add to the game as well as a stonemason’s building: A church is not built with rough stones!) and why not the manufacture of stained glass windows. We already have the sand, only the lead and the workshop are missing.
Churches, depending on their size would add happiness to the peasants.

I hope this shortcoming will be corrected soon. Honestly, no church at MA…


There is no religion in the game atm. Whether Crate will add such buildings later or in a DLC we’ll just have to wait and see.

While the game is medieval/colonial themed, it doesn’t necessarily take place on earth. The lore is deliberately left vague so you can imagine whatever world you want to.


The absence of a church is weird for the Dark Ages, but you see the resemblance with the church everywhere.
For example, swords in the dark ages had the form of a cross.


I don’t understand why people are so hung up on the church thing?


All the buildings are the ones you find on earth. All the plants are the ones you find on earth.


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Because in the Middle Ages the church is like your smartphone : Impossible de live without.


It adds atmosphere to the game. Imagine a nice Cathedral in your city where this little AI people go around, its just beautyful to watch and kind of you feel to be there…


This has been asked for a lot haha. I’ve said this in other threads, but I think they can add a church that fits the aesthetic of the shrine without adding any kind of religion. Make it so it upgrades, requires a worker and adds entertainment/desirability and call it a day. Could even make upgraded versions require candles and herbs or something


Imagine being in a world where humans didn’t believe in make-believe stories and didn’t waste their time and money on those things. Yet instead spent that time enjoying life and what is actually real.


I guess it can be a little hairy what they call this religious building, ie (church, cathedral, temple, ziggurat) as it may come off as leaning towards one particular type of religion–I think that’s why they’ve only implemented shrines for now. It would certainly make for a nice high desirability building, some ideas:

-Town Center can be used for selecting a government/taxing plan and a ‘church’ can select a religious plan. Certain bonuses and weaknesses come along with the active government and religion plans that can also impact income and food consumption (some religions may have fasting.)
-If there’s a morale system (not to be confused with happiness) ever implemented, the ‘church’ can play a more significant part in this. Church can produce religious books that are distributed to homes that help with morale recovery. Low morale=low productivity, if a citizen has a low enough morale they don’t do work at all or migrate out of the city. Perhaps citizens can even gain alcoholism if they attend the pub too much–alcoholism and low morale+productivity makes the citizen a beggar/bum which the ‘church’ will also have a role in dealing with. Going off on a tangent here.

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Like a virtual world in a video game?

What does this has to do with the game?

For taxes i would prefee a castle main building. tgerw would be a job ‘tax collector’ Which also has needs items (wine, beer) to be able to collect taxes

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The game is looking amazing and looking forward to playing. However two areas I feel where the game is lacking a authentic town feel is via churches and docks.

  • Churches should have two variants, and an end game cathedral.
  • Docks, there should be docks that you can build for fishing and transport of goods from one location to another. Humans have always harnessed waterways for transportation, fishing, and trade. They have been key to humanities expansion.

Let me know what you all think?


Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no religion in the game so no structures for that.

No boats either so can’t transport goods by water.

Whether either of these can and/or will be added to the game we’ll just have to wait and see.


Aye will have to wait and see… Fingers crossed.

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If it gets implemented it would be cool if the Church has a need for Idols (maybe made out of Wood and gold) and candles (made out of wax/honey) which is harvested ofc from bees. Which could attrackt even more bears to an area. The Church could be a basic need of later civ Level. Hach that would be so cool. Great work. Keep it up. I cant get enough :smile:

We already got the candlemaker! :slight_smile:

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Churches, Chapels and Cathedrals, etc are absolutely essential. Regardless of religion, I associate those stunning churches with medieval times.

Hopefully Crate will include these as soon as possible, with a religion system or just for aesthetic purposes.


pour moi une église améliorable en cathédrale serait utile non pas pour la religion mais pour augmenter l’attrait et le divertissement des villageois

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