Where is the logic?

I wonder, how is it that you need heavy tools for a T2 building like the Mill, but the building producing it is only available after building the 3 lvl of the town center??

Also… you need 1 heavy tool to build the building producing heavy tool… So basicaly, you’re supposed to keep your fingers crossed that a merchant who visits you has one to sell? Don’t get me started on the price chance…


Yes merchents. It may seem backwards, but I tuink it is realistic as it makes sure you use all aspects and can’t just single stream a game experience

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I didn’t think about it this way… that makes sense…

Self-reliance among homesteading settlers would just be ludicrous. Can’t have that! I would like if it was possible (but harder) to advance without the market. I’ve never really liked trading in games like this, personal preference for sure.

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I’m not a huge fan I must say…

If your mill still has a heavy tool you can click on it to stop stocking heavy tools, allowing the blacksmith to take it instead.

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ow! did not know that! cheers m8

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While the market and the trading post are somewhat useful, since the RNG is already used for them, I’d almost rather see something set up to where individual trades migrated to the town as the infrastructure and food production allows for them. Instead of buildings limited by tiers, having a cobbler, basket weaver, etc. move in randomly when the town can support them which is how villages and towns actually grew.

As for the blacksmith and fletcher, I’d rather see both available from the start, but with upgrades similar to the town center. Perhaps crude tools and basic bows/arrows for tier one and two, and then adding cross bows and better tools, followed by heavy tools with the more advanced tradesmen and buildings dependent on those before they immigrate??

The other thing that would really help imo is the ability to do research for various trades, skills, higher tier buildings within the town center. Things such as glassmaking, even anything above basic pottery, weaving, wool (if sheep are added) spinning and dying were rather specialized trades. Basic jars are one thing, but a ‘luxury’ trade good of blown glass decor would be appropriate for tier four and anything above that.

I’m not at all sure what direction the game is going in at the moment and I’m enjoying it far too much at the moment lol, but these are a few things that have crossed my mind on this topic.


Actually enjoyed that I NEEDED to trade to get some items early. Rather have the option to do so than being locked into a linear progression.

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You are actually locked into a linear progression. The marketplace is 100% required to obtain a heavy tool. There is no other option.

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