Where to find Grim Dawn save data?

Was thinking of backing up my save just in case Cloud goes to shit.
But there is no “save” folder in Documents/MyGames/GrimDawn.
I can only see a Settings folder and two logs.

I’m pretty sure this thing is set so that I could see hidden folders.

I’m using Win10.

You likely have cloudsave enabled. You can turn it off within settings menu inside GD.

If I have Cloud enabled my save would ‘not’ be in my PC?

How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.

It has to have a way point that it saves to. What happens if an internet connection cuts out while you are playing? Steam simply hides this part of the process from you.

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cloud saves are in …/steam/userdata/ranfomnumberfolder/folderwithradomnumbersthatcontainsgrimdawnsaves

I just sorted the random number folders by date to find the grim dawn one.

you can also simply just go to the network tab in options and use the “Download Cloud Saves” button and find them in documents/my games/grim dawn/save

This seems to be the simplest solution to my problem. Thanks!

cant find save data

The above thread already mentions the locations of the save files, at least for the Steam version. I don’t own the GoG version so I’m not exactly sure where they are though, I suspect that they are stored in the My Games\Grim Dawn folder as I’ve seen people play the GoG version using the same save files.

As mentioned already in this thread How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn’s default location. will provide more information on that.

If you don’t find it in those two places, where did you buy Grim Dawn from: GD web site, GoG, Steam?

Yeah, I have been using cloud save and yet the save files are indeed there under Userdata. Easy to archive from there.