Which epic items could use a mythical version

I can see that happening since many of the epics that were left behind were for archetypes that also were left behind, like


  • Apothecary Set for support witchblade (And deceiver as long as it doesn’t outshine tactician/witchblade options)
  • Miasma set for poison occultist caster that isn’t paired with oathkeeper (the only set that exists, is Daega’s and it’s for sentinel.).
  • Marauder set for OG gunslinging sorcerer.
  • Oathbreaker for Non-shieldbreaker demo setups.
  • Bloodreaper set for… pierce/bleed PB nightblade?
  • Maiven’s set for… generalist arcanist? IDK what that set is trying to achieve.
  • Guardsman’s set for Non-DK non-Warlord soldier.
  • Wildcaller set for melee lightning primal strike.
  • Brimstone set for a non-inquisitor fire strike demolitionist (Seriously, there are 2 purifier lategame epic sets and nothing for commando, 1 for pyro but not fire strike, 0 for sorcerer, elemental harmony for saboteur (OFF doesn’t count))

Non-set epic items

Two-handed ranged.

  • Will of Fate for the 2h gun sorcerer,
  • Wrathsteel Repeater which is aether 2h prm with a devastation proc!
  • Blackwood Arbalest for elemental 2h prm.
  • Scarlet Marksman for bleed soldier with a RR granted.
  • Salt-core bolter for lightning retal/counterhit 2h ranged.
  • Curse of Burrwitch for chaos 2h ranged with a rr proc (rr is important in chaos’ case)
  • Blackwood Wand for Warlocks.
  • Ulda’Jax for lightning caster shaman
  • Malady for Poison %WD 2h ranged occultist with strong debuffs on attack.

Two-handed blunt:

  • Warhammer of Heavenly Judgment
    • for 2h shieldbreaker, with maybe some a +1 to arcanist for 2h sorcerer

      as although the Solael Beheader covers fire based 2h caster (Pyro, Shieldbreaker, Sentinel) the warhammer is more built around attacking.

Two-handed Axes:

  • Boneshard Lacerator for non-blade arc bleed shaman.
  • Farmstead Liberator (suggested by @Nery) for 2h bleed blade arc
  • Trollgut Eviscerator for 2h hybrid pet warder (oh hey @Maya) , maybe with extra focus on primal spirit in addition to Briarthorn.
  • Prismatic Eviscerator for elemental CT arcanist (Could use conversion from aether to elemental)
  • Falcon’s Claw
    • for Primal Strike warder

      Between the Wildcaller’s set, Malmouth Greatsword, and Korvan Storm-halberd, we have vindicators, elementalists, and pure shamans supported well enough in primal strike. The Mythical Falcon’s Claw could go to warders.

Two-handed Swords

  • Gutwrench Eviscerator for 2h pierce savagery warders.
  • Slithbane for… I don’t know. Witchblades? I think their acid side is a little underutilized.

Lifting them up would increase epic variety (variety for epics is pretty low at high end, considering how often they drop), and give something for those niche builds.

also, unrelately there’s the Boltspitter line, which could use to support a couple more masteries: Soldier and Nightblade or Soldier and Shaman, as there is a lack of 2h pierce options for both.

And these were just the 2h items!


+1 from me for myth. Will of Fate for not only 2h sorcerer (we have MI crossbow), but for 2h mage hunter as well.

I’d rather see Nar’s Arcane Destroyer adjusted for mage hunters. Either with an AA replacer (There’s bero component though) or some other way. (Oh wait, we just had this discussion on discord)

On the other hand we can grant +1 to all skills in Inquisitor to myth. WoF and some attack speed bonus as well. So both Sorc and MH will get the support, but sorc also has this nice crossbow. Unfortunately Mythical Nar’s Arcane Destroyer doesn’t grant us with “100% Chance to pass through Enemies” and it hurts MH that doen’t have solid range auto-attack skill like FS or Cadence for example.

Or maybe for acid & vita DEE Occultist. Maybe paired with Necro?

Yeah, hard to find the set niche. Maybe for pure Arcanist based casters with protection focus?

My issue with giving Inq bonus to myth will of fate is that, should it be on the level of the arcanist + demo support, then there won’t be much reason to play a sorc when you can play a purifier instead. Remember, Sorc doesn’t have the WPS power that inquisitor used to monopolize ranged play.

I’m sure vita cabalist is already fine, but an acid/poison set with occultist, necro, and nightblade support would be nice.

Or give it one of the following: AA replacer, Shield (block&block rate) bonuses, or elemental rr proc/granted. Get that melee ele arcanist going!

Well, actually the same arguments can be applied to Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver as well. :woman_shrugging:

P.S: What I want is to give some love to 2h range elemental mage hunter build and make gameplay enjoyable. Believe me “100% Chance to pass through Enemies” bonus makes things much better. So even 2h range MH with Shard of Beronath will shine. :blush:

I know what you want, and I agree with getting MH ranged game going. but you have to keep in mind the WPS inquisitors have, but sorcerers don’t. If that discrepancy can be accounted for, and if both mage hunter, and sorcerer get to be strong and unique, then I’m all for it.

Maybe just giving the same hidden100% pierce targets to Mythical Nar’s Arcane Destroyer (and normal nar’s arcane destroyer) is the way to go. It’s tailor made for the 2h ranged ele MH archetype and prevents purifiers abusing a potential +1 inquisitor +1 demolitionist (or more) bonus that a theoretical mythical will of fate could have.

Let’s wait for community and Zantai feedbacks/thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

Farmstead liberator :blush:

Otherwise +1 from me.

Good point on that, although I went through only the sets and 2h ranged gear so far. I’m not that knowledgeable on the bleed front, so I don’t know which niche it’d support. Bleed warder I guess?

Okay, I think I finished up the two-hander lineup, @Nery.

I vaguely recall boots with + to some elusive skills. Will have to check when I get home.

Personally, I would prefer all pet hybrid stuff to be made either pure pet or non pet.

On the topic of 2h pet weapons, they kind of need something big (like Witching Hour big) to be worth it imo. You lose the extra component, CDR etc, not to mention the versatility in having weapon+off-hand combos. So the tradeoff has to be worth it.

Or it’s high time Deadly Momentum gets pet bonuses like Soul Harvest.

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These are certainly nor 2h or set items, but i still waiting Mythical Vanguard of the Legion and Oblitorix.

Probably LOW (because it’s not a weapon and it most certainly doesn’t see a lot of use) on everyone’s totem pole but a Mythical version of the Apothecary set would make my support Deceiver very, very happy, especially the gloves.

Good point, will add it tomorrow. Must note that the bonuses should be in a way that support tactician or support witchblade are not automatically inferior choices to support deceiver.

edit: Added.

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