Which foods are spoiling and how long are they good for?

I really liked the breakdown from earlier versions that told me what crops or food / goods were spoiling. It would be nice to see how long things are good for, because I am having difficulty balancing what and how much to buy or plant.

Milk spoils the fastest.
Make cheese as soon as you can to remove raw milk from the Shelter Stocking routines, or your workers will double these runs to replace the spoiled goods.

Bread is a close second.
It is better to make too little than too much.
Flour keeps longer than Bread, but it is useless for animal feed your Barns will need.
Placing very low Max Production numbers (<100) on your Flour and Bread will help keep your grain available for feed, and stop massive waste/food rot that too much Bread production will cause.

Raw meat/fish are fast spoilage items, but smoking them cures that.

Fruit and Berries, then farmed Vegetables, most of which can be preserved.

I don’t even let my grocers stock Raw Meat, Raw Fish or Raw Milk, to prevent these fast-spoiling goods from entering the Shelter Stocking runs they make.

The more spoilage you have, the more Sheter Stocking runs your population will be required to make, and when the Markets can’t keep up, your workers leave their jobs to do it themselves.

This stops production of everything, across the map.

Raw foods should be avoided, or processed as quickly as possible.


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