Which NPC would you date?

Lokarr is also a good idea, shit… I hate that I only am allowed 10 poll answers.

If I had the power to include 40+ people I would’ve included Iron maiden. No clue who Kuba is though, hah. But in all honesty, Iron maiden is more of a rival, and would hinder you to get in touch with Kymon.

I’m happy log gets some appreciation after being shunned as the worst out of all final bosses.

They need to extend the limit. There are like 13 members at Crate and imagine having a thread: " Which developer would you date? :smiley:

Oh, is that so?.. mhhh

But I guess most people would simply say Zantai because he is the most known one (and he has that sexy sparkling look in his right eye. Shit Zantai is sexy af, I swear.)

Think their wives would have something to say about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Their wives? Guess that means they’re all male. Perfect, time to unleash the ricardo milos!

Gee, does no one look at the game’s credits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, this game has a credits section or something? I literally never saw any credits in GD, seriously. Normally they pop-up after finishing the game, so I sometimes look at them and check some funny names or other stuff, but in case of GD I literally thought nothing like that exists.

the credits are hideous and boring af. In tq i remember seeing monsters in the credits. so I suggest having the faces of devs be included in the loading screen or credits for more facial recognition and improving community outreach :smiley:

I long for the cold tentacled embrace of the Loghorrean.

I think they’re quite hot, but what do I know :slight_smile:

Pax East 15

Pretty sure if you run the credits el critico you’ll also see GD’s monsters as they run through.

Paramour system really needs to come to fruition and we need some npcs created designed after the devs.

Anyone knows who is the guy at the most right?, he looks like RnGesus in the flesh!:smiley:

At the bottom of the pic it says it is Tumbledown…
Here is his “intro” thread.


I don’t like the choices.Shockingly missed female characters.No Corinia,no Elsa,no Ralia,not even Anasteria:undecided:
My first option ofc is Byscilla.

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thank you powbam, my eyes are kinda bad so appreciate that.

The omission of Korinia is the greater sin, a wasted opportunity. She herself is interested in romance. Try talking to her when Anasteria reveals her “secret”.

Ana is in. She’s the Outcast.

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I can understand you, but I was looking for either jokey things or actually relevant characters. Captain somer and that other captain in malmouth would’ve been an idea. Elsa too, yeah. No clue who corinia or ralia is. And do we ever meet anasteria?

That bald guy should grow as huge ass beard and he’d look like a true killer.