Whirling Blades is OP

Did you know you can assign devotion skills to Whirling Blades (Seal of Blades)?
Did you know you can activate two Whirling Blades and assign devotion skills individually? (You need two Seal of Blades)
Did you know that assigned skills will activate even with other attacks?

For Example,
assign Wendigo’s mark on Whirling Blades A (Left hand Seal of Blades)
assign Vampire Fangs on Whirling Blades B (Right hand Seal of Blades)
assign Eldrich Fire on Curse of Frailty
than use Curse on some mob far away from you (outside Whirling Blades’ range)
that mob will get hit by Curse, Edrich Fire, Wendigo’s Mark, Vampire Fangs, and any other gear skills that activates on attack or on critical.

Also, some devotion skill has low or no CD at all, so if you assign skills like flame torrent, whirling blade attack becomes way too powerful.
Here is simple video I made

To be honest, I like how this works but this might be too OP.

Does the ability to assign a bunch of devotion skills to 1 skill work for other abilities?

Nerf it so you can only activate one whirling blade then, activating two is abit strange. :rolleyes:

Yes. And it’s… wonderful.

DO NOT even think about nerfing this thing, considering how melee tanks would benefit from it in AoM.

This thing is getting nerfed, that’s for sure. Most likely only allowing one Seal of Blades aura to be active at a time.

At least make it so only one can active, as no other aura ability can be activated twice. :rolleyes:

On the other hand, other component skills like Oleron’s Might etc. CAN be used twice independently, the only difference is Whirling Blades being an aura. So maybe it is working as intended? Sounds pretty OP with that devo stuff though tbh :D:D

No fun allowed as always, I see. Goddamn it.

Seal of blades is fun as it is now. Doesn’t seem that op to me atm.
Kotatsu what’s your kill time on that dummy with that setup?

This build is defensive build, so killing dummy is not her strong point.
With Wirling Blades - about min or less to kill dummy
Without Whirling Blades - about 2min - 3min to kill dummy

Able to spam low/no CD devotion skills like Flame Torrent is very good, but since other attacks will activate the devotion skills set on whirling blade, so it is like you can assign three devotion skills to one skill.

In different setup, her Curse of Frailty will put Eldrich Fire, Wendigo’s mark, and range attack with vampire fang. Even mob is at edge of your screen.

If anything, it seems unintuitive and broken for devotions linked to whirling blades to proc on all other attacks. Is there another aoe damage aura in the game with the same behavior?

Looks broken. I imagine it’s even more overpowered for pierce blademaster.

It puts belgothian pierce blademaster on same level as other builds like Jajaja’s warder. You can see how “op” it is from crucible clear times in the belgothian pierce BM guide (it’s slower than jajaja’s warder).

If they want to nerf it, wish they would give heads up so I (and others) don’t waste time farming for belgothian setup.

On attack effects were not meant to be applied to buffs for the reason pointed out, so yes, that is going to change.

Call it a nerf if you want. The reality is it’s inconsistent.

That’s totally fine, if you actually leave it at two auras… right? The chain buffing was clearly a bug.



The funny part is, when i therycrafted my melee tank, he doesnt even need to use Seal of Blades (cause he has no constellation procs to be triggered with it):

Lol that’s so clearly broken, thankfully it’s getting fixed

Then again your set-up have close to no aoe beside cadence.
I kinda like the idea to attach a skill to sceal of blades BUT:

  1. The sceal itseflt, and only the sceal should be able to trigger devotion procs, which means you would have to be in close range all the time.
  2. If needed, changing how the sceal trigger procs, somehow it seems to be a lot more frequent than if you attack with your weapons. It could ‘‘attack’’ at the same speed as your aps with an auto-attack OR once per second.

I noted recently that I was able to run two of the same skill; never thought to check if I could assign devotes to both.
It makes sense to allow both to function like adding a 100% dam type to a 100% dam type; but not having a single devote assign work for both (essentially being checked and proc’d twice).

I agree it’s a shame we are having a race to the bottom with nerfs, but it is clearly not an intended function of the original balance the devs went for.