Why does armory need extra flatten tiles.... makes no sense..(terrain bugged!?)

Annoying!!? :wink:

another building…
why you have to make it so hard :wink: ?

i had to flatten terrain about 20-30times until i was able to build the barracks…

Hi, no need to flatten ‘extra’ tiles, e.g. just flatten a 3x4 for the Armoury or a 6x4 for the Barracks…

Hi :slight_smile: … i did that and ddnt work :stuck_out_tongue: i had to flat a larger area 10-20times until it let me place in that location xD

the screenshots where taken after i flatten a couple times already :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that is very odd, I just built an Armoury on a steep mountainside by flattening just the 3x4 footprint.

well, i dunno, maybe terrain bugged for me, in that area… but you can see in both my screenshots the terrain is flatten and still wouldnt let me place it… so i did flatten larger area and still nothing :wink: had to kept doing it until it finaly let me… i dunno if its because i had a road placed already or not… at some stage the road pitch was so high the wagons wouldnt even pick that road xD

Either way, after alot of flatten here and there, i finally reach a more pleasent view :wink: still not perfect but hey :wink: