Why is 1000 inhabitants the max?

when your town reach a population of 1000 inhabitants, the city and popluation stopps at this point. Excuse my CTARE Ent. but this ruins the complete late game.
What kind of sense makes this limit for the inhabitants.
It is absolutly necesary the remove the this non sense limit for the city poluation. Otherwise is this game not worth the money because it is limitied.
Otherwise you have to create a victory scene when you reach a population of 1000 people.

It’s limited atm to help with performance. Devs expect to remove the cap nearer to full release of the game.

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you could install a melonloader mod to change that if you really want.

i undertsand, that`s make sense.

Unfortunately that specific mod was the only one on nexus which was not updated to work with the new Melon Loader, and it has since been removed by the creator… so not possible now to mod the population limit. That said, I had this mod installed and built up a pop of 1,700 and even now without the mod working my game still tolerates this population and they didn’t vanish. The only bug appears now that on the latest .02 version (not the playtest) I no longer get any new immigrants arriving so as people die from old age they are not able to be replaced… (currently I am on 1,630 pop and slowly declining)

well there is a mod on nexus that gets around that lol it is called ummmm trying to remember i think it is called add villager. you can go above 1000 and in your case replace the dying.

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