Why is Drain Essence not left bindable but mark of torment is ?

As it says in the title.

I’m trying out a Drain Essence build, and the inability to bind it to the left button is rather inconvenient.
And then I noticed Mark of Torment IS bindable as a main attack.

Hello ? DE is a spell, ok (though that’s hardly a reason for how you can set the UI) but Mark of Torment is a long recast defensive spell, akin to mirror.

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Yeah, I was wondering why I couldn’t bind Drain Essence to left click, but I could bind Mark of Torment to left click.

I wish they’d just let us bind any skill to left click.

It’s limitation in the engine due to the type of template the skills use

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Titan Quest had a spell almost exactly like Drain Essence, called Life Drain (Spirit), and I believe that was not a left-click skill either. The difference is though Life Drain had a much larger cooldown.

Drain Essence can be cast without a target, meaning you’d never be able to move anywhere.

Unless you bind force move to something like ‘w’ and always use it. I know you’re trying to help newer players by protecting them from themselves but at the same time it’s inconveniencing players like myself. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I’d prefer everything left button bindable so I at least have the option.

Give us the option to do so anyway, even if it requires checking a box in the options. I have a bar full of active skills and the only one I could bind to left click is DEE that I only use as a one point wonder and somewhat rarely.

I use E to move around so I don’t care.

I’d also like the option to configure what’s under your left click skill because it sucks for skills with CDs like Grenado that if you’re not using a gun, your character will rush to melee between casts. If you could configure it to “do nothing” or just “move” instead, it would be amazing.

Why would this skill be made to cast without a target in the first place? It only does anything useful when there is a target, and if a person wants to force it to cast, you can still hold shift like any other default weapon attack or bind it to the right mouse for a similar effect.

I’ve wondered the same with Flames of Ignaffar.

Sometimes you want to begin turning before you have a new target without interrupting your channeling.

This. sure you could use the keyboard but in a click move game it would be a huge pain.

Have you applied a ranged weapon to your right click, or held the shift button while left clicking any ranged or melee attack? It fires away, just as FoI does on right click.

The same can work with FoI and the above mentioned one.