Why is Grim Dawn so awesome?

yeah why? whyyyyyyy

Experience, passion and self-publishing.

There are alot of reasons I suppose but everything awesome has to start somewhere and Grim Dawn wouldn’t be what it is today without this key bit of history taking place first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crate_Entertainment

After nearly a year of silence, Crate announced on July 27, 2009 that the company had acquired licensing to use Iron Lore’s Titan Quest game engine for their new action role-playing game project. On January 21, 2010 Crate announced that the name of their new project would be Grim Dawn.

The TQ engine is Grim Dawn’s secret sauce and Arthur Bruno (aka medierra) ultimately pinned Crate’s future on it. Kinda funny in hindsight when you consider how much flak they get for using it (we’ve all seen the endless crash reports :rolleyes: ) but without that dual-class magic already baked in Grim Dawn might have wound up a far different game possibly. Of course, with the engine they were able to pitch the project to the TQ modding community, a very important footnote methinks, without which they may not have even made it this far.

It’s like D2:LoD but with better graphics and in different setting. Isn’t it that simple? :wink:

Cause it’s dark and full of terrors

Also dual classes

Because all the dragons are dead.

Tears non-believer in half

Because passion makes miracles come true.

Not being a multiplayer game, it allows you to “roleplay” builds at take it at your own pace as opposed to having to keep up with the meta in order to not fall behind.

Because it has qualities with no big flaw, while other h&s may have better qualities but with crippling flaw.

It’s the right old school feel within a grim world. I love it. It would be the natural step after Diablo 2 but without all the polish of D2. I think it’s the right amount of action and carnage but yet a familiar setup so anyone can just jump right into the action. I fell in love with it within an hour of playing. I’m much for obsessed with it than my husband LOL. It just is sawsum!

Grim Dawn simply has an amazing setting with amazing gameplay. The developers clearly have passion and are open to community.

I think a huge part of it is how welcoming the progression is. It feels natural and challenging, not stressful. You never feel like the game is slapping you down, but you don’t feel like it’s stupid easy either. That balance is not easy or common.

I remember how brutal some of the act changes were in Diablo 2, how quickly and easily you could be killed from off-screen by the tribal guys with the blow-pipes for instance, and other very unforgiving mechanics. GD doesn’t have that anywhere near as noticeably.

Don’t like your skill or attribute choices? Dirt cheap to unwind, or if you want to use something like GDstash for it, there’s no worry. You can undo devotions too.

So mistakes aren’t permanent, and the game is challenging without unfair or demanding tedious repetition.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually huge. Fundamental, and … respectful of your time. A lot of the old games are anything but.

At least in a game that does everything else you would expect out of an action RPG well. And GD does.

By the way, let me harp again on the lack of tedium. Getting adequate storage space doesn’t take too long, either inventory or carried, so the game is much less about inventory management. You feel like you’re playing a game, not a spreadsheet. Going to town etc. via rift gate is quick and easy, making selling off of dungeon runs so much less brutal. Additionally rift gates tend to be very close to NPC’s for quests and selling. And if you come back to a map after selling, you don’t find everything respawned so you have to fight all the same mobs all over again, which in some games makes every trip an unforgiving grind.

So much time not wasted!

GD is just much more friendly than most games of its type. It feels more advanced in its user-friendliness, but without dumbing anything down.

it is so awesome cause it’s played by awesome people like me

Grim Dawn is not without its crippling flaws either.

I like GD because it is full with crazy people and a very high flavor. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s fun but oof trying to start off theres so much going on compared to the easy ones out now days haha

I don’t even get up in the morning for “easy” arpg (whatever it means)

That’s exactly what I eventually came to greatly dislike about Path of Exile. Every balance patch they improved certain builds and beat the shit out of others with the nerf bat.

because blatant soldier favoritism in the amount of damage types they can do with cadence, because forcewave has 100% physical to lightning conversion while stun jacks is stuck with unconvertable physical damage [b]on the same item[/s] on a class that is supposed to support lightning, mortar traps can’t consolidate to a single damage type, but hey, soldiers got not one, but TWO legendaries – one of which is a guaranteed drop once per character – to support fully lightning cadence. :slight_smile:

promptly ignores Z’s post about the upcoming patch which is very likely to fix the discrepancies and has me excited since it was posted

for serious, it’s devs that listen and make as many different builds possible as they humanly can.