Why "Poison and Acid"


As we all know, besides Aether and Chaos all damage types have an adequate Dot.
But those Dots are not mentioned when it comes to resistant types. Character sheet says “40% resist in physical” - and it goes without saying that this includes trauma.
Only exception is acid/poison. Why?
Well, I see that every single item supporting acid is always also supporting its dot - also unique. But nevertheless: Why is only the dot of acid mentioned in the character sheet?

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And Pierce and, if you want to be a dick, Bleed, but it has no flat damage.

Acid and Poison do not really reflect each other. If you saw acid resist, found a poison item, what would you think? I’d personally think poison is a damage type that always deals the same amounts of damage. If it’s not the case in english, it is the case for some other countries, where acid and poison do not have connective names, but rather would exclude themselves when you read/say the words.


why not “Cold & Frostburn resistance”?

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Yep- that’s my point!

And Fire and burn so… I mean It is logical, fire burn, frost “frostburn”, it’s science ! But poison doesn’t acidify, it isn’t a chemical fact^^ it’s for the game mechanical

(Sorry for my writing language, I’m french^^)

Because poison isn’t acidic, and vice versa. The two were clumped together to fill the niche of acid/poison in other RPGs, but they aren’t related in any way like Fire leading to Burning or Lightning leading to Electrocution. Lumping them together avoids possible confusion in that regard.

“But Ceno, why aren’t Bleed and Pierce the same resist?”


Are you sure they do not lead to confusion?

It took me like 100 hours to figure out that electrocute damage is mitigated by lightning resistance and so on :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well that seems more like a general mechanical issue and not one with getting damage types mixed up.

Took me one item too realize that. I only didn’t know wtf IT is, so I started checking what do items with physical damage give the most, and I found it. I knew it’s a DoT for another damage type because I didn’t find “IT resistance”.

But Ceno, why aren’t physical and bleed the same resist?

If you punch someone, you can make them bleed, if you cut someone, the same can happen. So it’s fairly easy to see how they’re separate.

Punching only leads to bleeding when you cut someone/tear a gash in one’s skin. That’s why many maces annoyingly have Armor Piercing %. But that bruise? That’s some internal trauma.


lets take a look what happens irl when you got damaged by gd instant damage types (excluding aether, chaos & vitality for their magical nature):

-physical = you’re bruised, and might have some bleeding wounds/internal trauma.
-pierce = you got hole in your body. it definitely bleeds.
-fire = you feel hot. and also you’re burning btw.
-cold = you feel numb and shivers badly. also definitely feels the frostburn effect.
-lightning = you feel all tingly in a bad way. the tingling electrocuting sensation also makes your flesh overcooked.

and now, lets look at acid/poison:
-acid = your skin burns upon contact with acid. it corrodes your flesh (so irl acid is both instant and dot damage type. the dot effect works like burn)
-poison = flows in your blood and mess up your organs. kinda like burning and internal trauma happening in your meatbag. definitely a dot. instant poison damage is… umm… i dunno… it works like acid i guess?

so… why are we discussing this topic again? i dunno what makes crate gives extra tooltip detail to acid and poison resist, but it confuses players. especially players who have no knowledge about medical wound phrases and details.

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But I knew from the start that poison damage is Acid DoT :stuck_out_tongue:

And this is confusing as well: Cunning improves physical damage. But it also improves pierce, bleed and IT.

There are a lot of these inconsistencies in the game.

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Multiple times I’ve had a situation where I squeeze/smash my hand/leg with a flat metalic thing and the wound is not bleeding directly, but there’s a small layer of skin under which you see a ton of blood. You have to cut it in order to make it heal properly, so this is why I said physical can cause bleeding too. Piercing is rather stating that you use something sharp, and moreover, you can tear up someone’s skin by using two not sharp objects or one.

but strangely, in gd, there are items and skills that gives only pierce damage… does that mean enemies who got hit by those skills and items only get cuts and holes in their body without any bruise, bleed, or internal trauma wounds?

I’m amused there’s a serious discussion about this. There’s one scenario we need to account: The one at Crate in charge with naming these stuff just did it because why not, and it got approved. Nothing we can do about it.

Now back to deathmarked or blade spirits or whatever.


yes, basically we just have to accept these tooltip quirks.

just like we have to accept the fact that gd skellys can bleed and poisoned while tq skellys can’t bleed or poisoned (yes they can be poisoned, but 70% poison absorb is almost the same as poison immunities. also, every skellys in tq are marathon athletes)

When I start the game,thought that electrocute is mix damage between cold and lightning and frostburn between cold and fire :sweat:

electrocute is made from two words: electric and cute. based on your saying, that means cold damage is cute.

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I love cold damage :heart: ,but my idea was cold(ice) another form of water,when you stand in the water you can be electrocuted.So cold+lightning in combine=electrocute.I was disappointed soon to learn is just lightning DoT :smile:

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Because physical has its own DoT - Internal Trauma.

On topic - i agree, they could shorten it to “acid resistance”.