Will 0.7.5 update existing map seeds with new resources?

Do you guys know if restarting a map with same seed between 0.7.4 and 0.7.5 will benefit from the new big mama of rocks ?

Edit to clarify the question, I understand it won’t update already generated maps but if we use existing map seeds and restart the map from 0 will the new resources be there ? I have a few map seeds that I like and wonder if those will be reusable or doomed to stone shortage.


I’m wondering what will happen with that rock, will it appear randomly on the map or will it crash down like a meteor in the middle of you’re town. At least I don’t think we will need to start a new game.


I would bet, that you would have to start a new map.

And it wouldn’t surprise me, if old seeds would even look different.

It will crash in the middle of your town, and destroy it. So you have to harvest the stone and rebuild it


hahahaha that’d be lowkey funny. But if it’s like 40k stone (i don’t know) that’d take a LOOOOOONG time.
But i do hope, we can get new BFRock. Even if it’s a free “building”. That’d be an inelegant bandaid, but oh well


I actually haven’t had as much issues with stone as other people. Maybe I manage my economy better. But I always buy all the resources from traders - like stone/wood. So I never really ran out of it. I don’t really care about the huge stones being added to the game. I guess it would be funny to see a giant stone tho


Yeah, well for met was really bad at the tail end of tier2.
With tier 3 i could buy stones if i wanted to, i just don’t want to.
Can’t wait for quarries

No, map and resource changes are not retroactive.


Got it. Thanks for the reply.

A little disappointing to be honest

I mean, yeah, but…how would you reconcile generating resources that did not exist before onto a map that already has buildings?

Changes to world gen unfortunately will always require new towns to take advantage of them.


Do the trees not do this?

But I get your point.

Do the map seeds stay the same though, and the amounts of resources just go up?

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Do the other changes effect current saves. Ie barn fixes?

Or am I just wasting time continuing on my current build until update launched?

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Barn fixes should be okay, it’ll be the items that spawn ingame that won’t be retroactive.



It will crash in the middle of your town, and destroy it. So you have to harvest the stone and rebuild it

Here is your god! :joy:

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Hard to say, sometimes changes like that can cause a seed to be interpreted differently. The terrain will probably look the same.


hii, according to some new things, whatever as resources on the map, that will not change in already advanced maps, but other construction functions or for example: that the trees grow faster, that will affect the already created maps or will remain the themselves and will there only be changes in the functions of the buildings?
I’m sorry for so many questions haha, but the game is very good and the my current map is well advanced haha

If you just hit “Restart” then maybe not, depends if the game actually regenerates the map or just uses what it already has. But if you create a new town from scratch using that seed then it should have the new resources, but they may be different from the old version.

That’s what i figured