Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

Decided to do the Rigg’s Quest solo, as I hadn’t done that yet in Ultimate, and use the Mogdrogen’s Ardor to see how much aggro would be happening. I keyed one birb to be aggressive and one to be defensive.

It’s smooth. I had no real problems at all. The Reapers tank so well now. Looking forward to testing this out even more on some nemesis, SR, and dare I say, the “C” word?

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the build use to run Voidmancer belt? Reason I ask is that was the only piece I didn’t have yet so I was actually using Shadowfiend as a replacement. I actually like the Shadowfiend and you just saved me more farming. :smiley: Seriously, I may be misremembering a different build so ignore this is it is my bad memory.

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It did use Voidmancer to get the Birbs to 26/16. But with Mog’s Ardor that is not necessary anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

And Callagadra is easy. Unless you mean Crate :expressionless:

I actually meant Celestials. But obviously Crate is the scary one. :flushed:

Yeah, only Crate should give you any real trouble. But that is mostly because how easy it is to die both in the actual fight and on your way there…

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Okay, so really funny story. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done all the rogue dungeons, hit several nemesis (Kuba, Aleksander, ), did SR 50-51. All with Mogdrogen’s Ardor. Had maybe 2 moments where I felt ‘pressed’ but never once procced my Turtle Shell.

Why is this funny? Because I was looking over stats just now, trying to figure out if I should take the one extra left over devotion point where you had it in Light of Empyrion, or first star of Lion or first star of Obelisk, when I realized after switching out to take the Ardor I’d forgotten to bind the passive to my keys.

I’d never turned it on. :flushed:

So yeah, I’d say were looking at it being pretty damn good.

EDIT: So, activated Ardor, played for about two-hours (farming nemesis rep) and also decided to take on Ravager. About 4 minutes. Lost a birb (:cry:). Proced Turtle twice. No potions or consumables except Tonic of Mending.

So I’ve now done just about everything with this build except some nemesis (still farming rep), SR 75-76, Mogdrogen, Calagadra and, um, Crate.

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That is good news, congratulations :blush:

Though if you are going to attempt Crate and Cally, I would suggest doing them last since they are both much tougher than Ravager to the point where Ravager seems like a Nemesis boss comparitively…

As for Mogdrogen, trick is to avoid getting shotgunned by his projectiles and always staying away from him since he has a powerful stun at close range which along with his shotgun can be deadly. And do keep away from his lightning cloud. You can use a Stormshroud Ointment for extra lightning res to be on the safe side if needed since Moggy does have 80 lightning RR.

Best of lucks on your journey and may you triumph :yum:

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Ta for the tips! I’ll definitely be attempting everything but Cally and Crate are most assuredly last on the list. Stay tuned! Do or die. :smiley:

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Hi! I’m level 70 and thinking about switching over to this build, I was wandering if you could give me some advice on the Devotion Path Order to go for? Or is this strictly a leave it till the end build?

First of all welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay :blush:

Now for the Devotion order:

Shepherd’s Crook
Remove Purple
Rhowan’s Crown
Remove Green
Sailor’s Guide
Solemn Watcher
4 points in Tree of Life
1 point in Light of Empyrion

If you have further questions, feel free to ask :yum:


Astounding thank you so much, it seems more fun than the build i was using (The Sir Crunchybones) and more active, I really like the ideas of using the ghosts. But my brain hasn’t quite worked out how to deconstruct a devotion order yet. So hugely appreciated! (And obviously excited me enough to register for the forums :stuck_out_tongue: )

Is there anything I should prioritise for skill maxing first? I assume reap and the birds?


Leans back w/ stretch Well, time to start a new char!

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This is amazing, but I spent my 3 extra point (via shattered realm) for a dog… It is not so useful against celestial (it died in a short time), but in some cases it is not so bad. With this you can kill everyone, I died some time only because I had not so many potions (I did not notice that)… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Crate is a pain when you have only birds, birds stay near you, if you spent 3 points in a soulhound cannot come near you (until is dead) and you have more time to recharge your life…

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Set bird to aggressive, it may move a bit further away from you

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I did it, but with soulhound you can use a birds as defensive (it useful for restoring health). I think it is better, moreover soulhound has a lot of benefit with this dagger. Probably it could die in a short time, but it is really strong. Ghosts are really good, but when you do not have any time to evoke them, it is really a pain…

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Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, essentially Ghosts and Birds. You can find the entire path to leveling up along with a general pet guide here: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets


I originally had Hound, but later removed it as I became more familiar with how the build worked. Definitely agree that it helps with buying you some extra time. Another one you can put points in is the blightfiend as it is a bit tankier than the Hound.

Like this for eg, you get 10 points to play with: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26lyO0Z
and it won’t make the build weaker or anything.

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Thanks for the advice guys, I ended up throwing some more points into my blightfiend while i was gearing up. Giving him a bit more health made a big difference (along with the Murder Birb!)

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I tried more than one time to kill crate and I won only 1 time… :frowning: I think the problem is the stun resistance, some time, with this build, I cannot move and I died. Is it possible to create a pet cabalist with shattered realms set? this armor is really a tank. I tried one but I have some problem with pet bonuses, damage is not so high.


Any help, please.

With Crate, it is more about avoiding his Meteor Shower at all costs. Even with max stun res, you don’t want to tank them.

Not possible with SR set, sorry.

C’mon don’t you like challenges? SR set put build NOW!

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