Will we see Hagarond in the new expansion?

Will we see him now or is he planned for something much more advanced(as far as story goes)?

I saw a thread from 2019 that quoted mentioned he’s planned for something in the future…but is that this expansion or something else entirely?

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I hope to see him as well,
even in a small quest like a witch we saved that later showed up in the coven is fine.

Yeah, i dont want anything big for him or such.
I just want to see how/where he ends up after we free him, i kind of think he’ll met Anasteria because of how similar they are.
Or maybe he’ll make a group of similar aetherials to him who have diverged from the aetherials we fight.

If I remember correctly, Zantai said the new expansion will be accessible somewhere at Fort Ikon area, so no, we won’t? Because that would cause a time paradox involving Hagarond’s imprisonment. Like, AoM happens after the base game, but FoA, from timeline perspective, is happening before AoM during the base game.

Not to mention a weird interaction with “free” and “captured” Hagarond if you’re doing both expansions in parallel. Like he’s gonna be in two places at the same time… You might say, “Krieg also can be in two places”, but “human” Krieg and Fleshwarped Krieg we meet in proper order of GD’s plot timeline.

That’s pretty neat actually,
maybe we will get to see a new faction of Atherial fugitives that we can befriend with,
like that of the coven witches

Thats interesting, i did not know that, but was it specified that it will be before AoM?
Because acess could be at Fort Ikon area, but does that necesarily mean it will be before AoM or FG timeline wise?

Im not sure, you do have a fair point though, if its before the timeline then yeah, we will probably not encounter him then.Maybe he’s planned for GD2 after all(if that will be a thing, ofc), either way time will tell what happens with him, i just hope they won’t forget him.

That I don’t remember. But in any case putting recurring characters in “side” plot, which you can do at any time you wish, seems like not a great idea. Although they did a good job with Dahlia (Daila… Dhalia?) in FG - as in, she doesn’t appear in Korvan Basin if you haven’t met her in Malmouth.

I heard Hagarond is some sort of foreshadowing for GD2 as well, but we’ll see I guess. Hopefully.

Don’t think he’ll be forgotten.

"12th July 2019 stream:

Any plans for the NPC found in the Fleshworks to make another appearance?

So his story is not going to finish with Forgotten Gods, his story is for things beyond. Which is more of a sequel."

This is the most definite “hint” we’ve had that there will be a GD2 at some point in the future.

As for FoA’s timeline, from the dev stream of the 29th August 2023:

Chronologically, FoA would be taking place after Ashes of Malmouth.

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Thank you for linking those two posts Medea, learned a lot of new stuff regarding this…I did see your post from 2019 where you answered this as well, thats what actually made me curios if he was intended for this expansion, if you believe it or not.

Guess we know now its taking place after AoM, which is cool since i always wondered what happens next.