[WIP] [] Beginner's Aethervire proc-Sentinel [G2ish but contains crafts]


Hey there. Not a deadbuild this time. After seeing how the then upcoming 1.1.6 patch would focus on hunting these shrines down, or simply having them around our usual farming routes, I decided to do my spin on @MysteryMeat’s ATV vanquisher, using @Udars’s Vanquisher Fire Sentinel as a guideline in many respects.

The main difference between this and the other two is the devotion setup, using Blazeheart and (currently) Mythical Cindervein Mantle to convert around 75% of my vitality damage to fire. This way Wendigo fits perfectly into the build, giving physical resists and a leeching proc that helps with sustain.

The build does totems quickly and safely, popping phoenix fire or ascension (or both) and then wading in to burst them down, or kiting when the Arcane heroes show up.

So far it could also do Port Valbury with cruel, so there is that, but watch out for totem-spawned malmouth colossi! SR65 normal was doable, but the build is still fragile.

(update march 7.) Steps of Torment is absolutely doable, practically no threat there as long as you keep in mind that your IT from Divine Mandate is probably the skeletons’ greatest threat against you. Alkamos can barely touch this build. You can dash THROUGH his shadow strike to auto-dodge it. Don’t sit in his frost pools and you’ll be fine.

AG/BoC need testing.


At it’s current state, it’s without the vanquisher set, and is thus a little fragile around the edges (missing 9-15 phys resist is rather annoying), but the large sustain and many defensive layers help with that.

Build is more or less G2, with the exception of the boots, which can be replaced with stoneplates or basically anything that covers your holes and has decent armor and phys res, and pants which I was ultra lucky to pull in 1mil or so iron bits.

Blazeheart comes from Daila’s questline, so it’s a guaranteed get like the totally normal gear.

Rune-wise I’m probably worse-off for using Fallen Kings instead of Incorporeal Winds, as it reduces the procrate of meteor shower, but given the number of enemies I hit I didn’t see much difference so far.


Van Aldritch

Leveling setup, against elite korvaak

(those who know how handily he trashed my poor saboteur will understand). Note the occasional big damage spikes, the lack of armor and low DA shows.

Ultimate Father Kymon

Ultimate Korvaak with Cruel - Not recommended with that level, or at least not with cruel, and not on hardcore.


Reserved, but a quick normal sr 50-51 showed no problems.

Gargabol and Shar’Zul are off-limits.


@Nery could you help me with my death recaps? I particularly can’t put shar’zul’s doubleswing anywhere, it came out as 58% more damage than I calculated based on grimtools / DBR data. PER swing.