[Witch Hunter] Dreeg's Vomit

The Mighty Chunk Spraying of Dreeg

Build without +Skills: http://grimcalc.com/build/9WeKkT
Build with +Skills: http://grimcalc.com/build/LA9JGa
Not Equipment based: http://grimcalc.com/build/E3qSMr

Primary Damage: Acid/Poison
Secondary Damage: Vitality
Tertiary Damages (negligible ammounts): Cold, Chaos, Piercing
(Hidden Hand converts 33% of the piercing in the proc skills to acid)

So I’ve been playing around with This alot, and I’m liking it so far. I haven’t gotten to ultimate with it just yet, so I’m not sure how viable it will be, but with a 253 base hp Regen from Pnuematic Burst and Blood of Dreeg, it should fair too badly.

It’s primarily based around the default attack and it’s procs to spam various Devotion Skills to hell and back, as well as throwing Dreeg’s Evil Eye (with transmuter) whenever it recycles.


With Curse of Frailty, Veil of Shadows, equipment procs, and Manticore devotion’s Acid Spray, you can get up to -177% acid/poison resistance on a single target, as well as -66% Vitality resistance, and if you really plan to use it as a third type, -111% Cold resistance.

Veil of Shadows and Curse of Frailty also have good crowd control aspects, Giving a total of 75% slower movement speed to enemies when used together.

Pnuematic Burst and Blood of Dreeg give you a good chunk of HP regen for staying alive and healing you when you activate them. Aspect of the Guardian also gives you additional Acid/Poison and Vitality damage, and some nice resistances.

Solael’s Witchfire and Pnuematic Burst give you Attack speed and Total speed respectively, upping how fast you attack, and causing your procs to go off more often. Plus Witchfire gives you a boost to vitality damage, and Second Rite gives some vitality resistance.

Possession is just an all around great skill to have for some massive Acid/Poison and vitality damage bonuses, significant resistance to skill disruption, and Damage absorbtion, which will lower all damage you take by 12%!

Dreeg’s Evil Eye and its modifiers get some significant +skill bonuses from the Shroud of Dreeg set and various other items, and putting the transmuter on it gives it a cooldown time, but also a significant boost to damage, so you can use it along side your default attack.

Shadow Strike is mostly just for utility, so you can get up to enemies really quick, and Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends lowers the cooldown time on it, plus gets some +skill from equipment.

Passives are always nice to have at least a point in, incase you get some +skills to a mastery, and Merciless Repertoire gets some +Skills from equipment.


Wayward Soul(Chariot of the Dead) and Giant’s Blood(Behemoth) for proc healing. Giant’s Blood will stack very well with Blood and Burst for 513 Hp regen when it procs!
Fetid Pool(Affliction) For a damaging proc that deals Poison and Vitality damage when you get hit.
Acid Spray(Manticore) applied to Beronath’s Fury (Shard of Beronath material) for some damage and resistance lowering. You must apply it to the default attack skill so you can get it to proc as often as possible.
Tainted Erruption(Abomination), Guardian’s Gaze(Eye of the Guardian), and Scorpion Sting(Akeron’s Scorpion) are applied to your nightblade procs for additional damage.
Hawk, Lizard, and Jackel are there just to give you aspect points for the others, but Jackel gives some attack speed, Lizard gives some HP regen, and hawk has some nice little bonuses.


This is all endgame equipment, so it may take a while for you to get it all, but it’ll make for a very powerful build.

Head: Hood of Dreeg gives +3 to Terrifying Gaze, has Dreeg’s Command skill, and is part of a set
Chest: Vestements of Dreeg gives +2 to Blood of Dreeg and Vile Eruption, and is part of a set.
Shoulders: Mantle of Dreeg gives +2 to Terrifying Gaze and Blood Burst, and is part of a set.
Amulet: Black Gem of Dreeg gives +2 to Dreeg’s Evil Eye and Vile Eruption, has Gaze of Dreeg skill, and is part of a set.
With 4 items in the Shroud of Dreeg set, you get +2 to all Occultist skills. You don’t use the fifth item because it’s the weapon and it’s base damage is Chaos, which doesn’t work well with the build.

Rings: 2x Empowered Ring of Eternal Rot gives a total of +4 to Vile Eruption and +2 to Vulnerability, and has two instances of Poison Nova skill.
Medal: Badge of Mastery is used almost entirely for the +5 to Dreeg’s Evil Eye, and has the Prowess skill. There’s not a whole lot of great stuff for this slot. You gotta craft this, and hope you can get one with the +5 to that particular skill.
Belt: Girdle of Stolen Dreams gives +1 to Vulnerability and +1 to all Occultist skills.
Relic: Dreeg’s Affliction gives +1 to all Occultist skills, and the Dreeg’s Afflicted Spines skill.

Weapon A: Venomlash gives +3 to merciless Repertoire and +2 to Blood of Dreeg, the Venomlash skill, and 13% to 17% attack speed.
Weapon B: Plaguebearer of Dreeg gives +2 to Dreeg’s Evil Eye and Vile Eruption, and has the Plague of Dreeg skill which lowers Acid/Poison resistance and total speed. Its base damage is physical though, and it’s got slower attack speed so it doesn’t do nearly as much damage as a second Venomlash would, but the lowered resistance proc is worth it.

Hands: Viperfang Grips gives +2 to Blood of Dreeg and +3 to Nidalla’s Hidden Hand, and has the Envenom skill.
Legs: Nidalla’s Legwraps gives +2 to Nidalla’s Hidden Hand and Vulnerability, and has Nidalla’s Revenge skill which does damage and lowers Acid/Poison resistance when you get hit.
Feet: Venomspine Greaves gives +2 to Nidalla’s Hidden Hand and Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends, and has the Venomspines skill.

For components, you’ll want
Weapon 1: Shard of Beronath will give you the Beronath’s Fury skill, which replaces your default attack and lets you apply Acid Spray to it so you can have it go off as much as possible.
Weapon 2: Vitrolic Gallstone gives some Acid/Poison damage, and converts some of plaguebearers physical damage into acid. It also has a Poison Aura, giving you more Acid/Poison damage. Though, you may want to substitute Imbued Silver or Purified Salt depending on your needs for Chaos/Bleeding or Aether resistances respectively.

Unholy Inscription is good for the hands for the Bleeding and vitality resistance, and some bonus vitality damage.
Mark of Mogdrogen for the feet for the conus Health and HP regen.
The components in the rest of your armor slots is entirely up to you, depending on your needs for various resistances, though if you need more OA, Chains of Oleron would be good in the chest.

For the rings, Corpse Dust is recommended for the health bonus, HP Regen bonus, and some vitality resistance.

The Medal and Amulet should have Dread Skulls for the Vitality Damage and Attack Speed. Though, you can substitute an Arcane Spark in one of them if you need more OA. A Wardstone can also be substituted for either one if you need Bleeding or Elemental resistances.


Something I’ve done since Titan Quest is putting points into the mastery bar, and only putting a single point into the skills I need until I get the Mastery bars up to where I need. After which, I start filling out the various skills.

Once you deal with your master bars, I suggest maxing out Veil of Shadows, Night’s Chill, Curse of Frailty, and Vulnerability to 10/10 each as soon as possible, you can then lower them later once you get the equipment you need with +skills (Curse 6/10, Vulnerability 1/10, Veil and Night stay at 10/10). These will help you with crowd control and damage dealing alot.

After that, max out Blood of Dreeg to 16/16. This will keep you alive through the first two difficulties.

Next, get Belgothian’s Shears (5/8), Amarasta’s Quick Cut (5/8), and Whirling Death (5/8) to their respective levels so you can get their maximum chance of proc’ing (20%) and make use of those Devotion skills. However, venomlash has it’s own proc skill (only 10% chance to be used though) that you can stick one of the devotions onto instead, and then use the points from Quick Cut elsewhere if you want.

Then, get Dreeg’s Evil Eye (9/12), Blood Burst (12/12), Terrifying Gaze (3/12), and Vile Eruption (8/12) to their respective levels to hit their weak spots for massive damage!

Lastly, Get Solael’s Witchfire (8/12), Possession (8/12), Aspect of the Guardian (8/12), and Merciless Repertiore (2/10) to their respective levels in whatever order you feel is most important.

For your Attributes, you need at least a minimum of
Physique: 618
Cunning: 252
Spirit: 577
to use all the equipment. More into cunning is ideal for higher OA, but more into Physique will keep you alive. If you want to do a 50/50 split on those, it should be fine. Spirit isn’t that big a deal, even though it gives you more Acid/Poison damage, as you won’t really be wanting for energy.

I would be interested to see a video on this build on nemesis mobs. I just rolled this exact build Friday, and am currently at level 55.

Really happy to see a WH build. Hope you’ll add a video.

This build is squishy, but if you play safe it definitely viable in Ultimate. I was even able to kill ultimate Fabius with this build, simply cursing him, throwing DEE and running away from him.

I started “this” build like a day before this thread showed up which is handy for brain storming. Really really good. I wanted to try a DW poison build for a while now.

It’s FAR from squishy actually. You have less health than saY a Warder or anything with Soldier, but I can’t call it squishy. I am annihilating elite atm. Just walking all over it. Extremely fast clearing.
I don’t use 2 Eternal Rot rings as the OP suggests though, I use one Lifegiver Signet.

This build is BEAST. There are instances where you definitely can get bursted down and gotta move but hey, that’s Nightblade for ya

IMO 6 points into curse of Frailty is a waste though, I won’t be doing that. Better spent else where. If not in Vulnerability, maybe Anatomy of Murder.

i followed blinded this guide then on lvl 66 just realize of the SPIRIT req from Dreegs chest is 575 on the guide the max number of spirit required is 315, im doing something wrong?

I may have derped a bit when tallying up the spirit requirements. Fixed now

I prefer the points into it so it gets maxed at 10 giving the full 50% movement debuf, as well a 10 meter radius so i dont have to cast it as often.

And vulnerability doesn’t really need the points because it gets plenty of +skills to max it out. and ultimate levels for it aren’t really very good, since at 20/10 you only get an extra 4% resistance and 55 da debuff,.

I believe he made a mistake there. You need to wear the belt he lists which gives 3% spirit which kind of…sucks. I’m thinking about just swallowing the need to spend 20 spirit or so to meet the 575 requirement. That belt is just terrible. Thorn girdle of the Misty Glade is way better.

thx for the build.
i’ve a lvl 50 DEE occultist- was not sure with 2nd mastery
will try it out now:D

I just did the belt for the +skills honestly.

Well, i will have to wait lvl 85 exactly for take the pants on xD im using Ring of the Black Matriarch instead of Empowered Ring of Eternal Rot and i must to say it actually better for procs.

and in general i feel the build hell of squishi the fucking mobs shootme 1 hit and my lif is on the half bar, honestly i dont know why.

The squishiness is why I take the Rot Rings, each one gives +300 health

seems like this build is not for me too squishy :smiley: or maybe idk how to play this mind showing some vid ?

I’m not finding it squishy at all. But I’m also not following OPs equipment or devotion list exactly. Still annihilating everything in late elite.

One life giver signet and only Manticore and Scorpion Sting for offensive devotions, the rest defensive ( Behemoth Lion, Panther, Turtle, Sailors Guile, Obelisk of Menhir). Gonna take Eel and Tree of Life last.

I’m a little concerned with fire, cold and lightning resists. It appears I’ll be somewhere in the 50% range in ultimate and not capped.

It’s only going to get more powerful when I can wear Dreegs set. Bleed, Pierce, chaos and vitality resists won’t be an issue at least but elemental like I say probably won’t be capped.

Not really sure why you would struggle. You should be absolutely annihilating everything. Elites and bosses die in a couple seconds. Last night I killed a elite and laughed out loud and asked " where’d he go?!". Left click spam, throw Dreegs…Shadow Strike, everything melts. And there’s lots of healing + damage absorption.

welli have another silly question, why not using 2 venomslashes instead of 1 and venom and 1 plagebearer? i just dont undestand the point of plagebearer, im new on this game tho, thats why im asking.

iwill leave an image of my char so far:

The -resists proc.

I see, thank you so much.

PD:i just realize Mirenheart says why the plagebearer so my apologies for the question.

How do you guys level this build? I have tried swapping around different skills/setups, but it just feels slow and pretty squishy at low levels. Doesn’t have much in the way of AOE in the beginning, so I have to hit-and-run a lot. I am going self-found, so don’t have much in the way of twink items. I also level my characters on Vet, but this one is struggling more than my others do. Any tips are appreciated!

Nightblade default attack procs first, then Blood of Dreeg, then Dreegs evil Eye.

I’m about to start ultimate now and it’s the furthest thing from squishy. But again, I’m not following the OPs devotion list strictly and I’m using one lifegiver signet.

edit: I said screw it and used a…alternative leveling means. My hunch was right and I feel good about going for Lion, Menhir for armor and Tree of Life finally.
Your HP will be barely 7500 or something without the defensive constellations.
The build has PLENTY of damage output without Fetid Pool or Guardians Gaze. In fact IMO it’s god mode. One of my fav builds yet.

My OA is still 2100…I feel ok with it.

IMO taking Fetid Pool and Guardians Gaze will make you too squishy in ultimate. At some point you need to think melee vs caster or it’s gonna slap you in the face.
You got tons of damage without them.