Wolcen now on Early Access on Steam

Anybody got it and tried it yet?

If not, I will give it a whirl and if it’s awful, refund it :smiley:

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Sounds good. Be our taste tester!!

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I received my key this morning but the game’s steam page says it will be available in 8 hours, so I guess I’ll have to wait tomorrow to play it.

I hope my setup will be able to handle it. :confused:

I looked at that too… I barely have the minimum… hopefully it is enough. …

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Wolcen seems really good : beautiful graphics,amazing lighting effects, randomly generated dungeons…
Also it will support modding.
I fear the alpha might be quite buggy, I will be interested to know what the backers think of the alpha.

I’m looking foward for it… I might get it later, but first, I wanna hear more opinions from players that got to try it first.

Looks like it’s already available. I’m downloading it right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me download yet

Not much about the actual gameplay, but the few reviews on steam make it sound like a pretty rough build, even for an alpha.

Hopefully they can fix some issues between now and when i get back from vacation next weekend. :slight_smile:

Yeah it sounds pretty bugged and unoptimized.

Well… the reviews weren’t lying.

Maybe they are
balloons for the launch?

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very lag and very bug :frowning:

Welp, so much for getting it as soon as possible…

I’ll wait a few months before jumping on board that ship…

From the review section on steam: The dev’s accidently uploaded an old build. It should work better now.

Can anyone confirm this please?

It hasn’t been updated for me.

Look at those crystals

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Ok thank you for the response.

It seems a bit too bad at the moment to play the game it seems.

Stupid D3 heal orbs :furious::eek:

OK, so the game is in Alpha and is expected to be buggy and unpolished, but from what I have read of the bug report and the gameplay video I have seen it appears to be near unplayable at this point. I think that charging £15 for a game in this condition is a bit much really. Ah well, I shall have to wait a while longer…