Wolcen now on Early Access on Steam

If they’re funded by a venture capitalist that implies that there’s something of worth in there, that they can sell when the business goes belly up. With star citizen it’s the fanatical following that can be monetized (ugh, I hate myself for writing this) in immoral ways, but with this game I honestly don’t see it.

Beta is out. 13 giga patch, i will try out soon i guess.

Tested it, not enough content. I’ll wait a bit longer…

I don’t think this game will ever live up to the expectations I had when I backed it. It’s been a long time with seemingly very little progress. The skill system is still bland as hell to me and combat still doesn’t feel particularly fluid. Those are the two things they’ve been spending all their time on it seems and they still feel mediocre.

That’s the one thing that bothers me too. For such a nice looking game the combat feels stilted. Just clicking on mobs feels bad and wonky the way your character reacts. They really need to do much more tuning to the actual feel of combat. There’s a lot that needs to be done, actually, but that’s one thing that definitely stands out.

I’ve given up on the beta for this game. I might try it again once it’s fully released but the beta was so underwhelming last I played.

You mean if it’s ever released. I wouldn’t put money on that happening…

I was thinking about buying it to kill time while waiting for FG expansion, but the mostly negative reviews put me off. Cry engine is good and all but it is about combat not how good it can look.

I had it on my list for awhile but after this whole mess they did changing the whole game with the hubtown system…man eeew its a joke.
Yes FG in my opinion shouldn’t have done it either…But i understand why
The developers completely copied D3 mechanics and the combat is not like it was int he early days i was checking the game . SO much potential wasted and also it looks like the price went up?
The graphics and the smooth cryengine make its desirable but the whole direction is a complete disaster
Could you imagine GrimDawn on Cryengine…good lord

Yeah this is one that you get only if you have faith that in the future it will be something good to play… in the future. That’s basically the only reason I got the early access.

Unfortunately early access backers are essentially completely restricted to the first Act of the game unlike in Grim Dawn when you bought early access you actually got the whole game AS it was developed and AS the “acts” were deemed suitable enough for public consumption. That’s not what you get with Wolcen, I am sad to say. You may get some updates with the systems that are in place already but you won’t be getting new content as it becomes ready.

I can’t say I’m a very big fan of this style of approach to handling early access when I am used to it having been handled so much better (in virtually every way) by Crate. Maybe I’m spoiled by that but it is what it is. There are devs who pay lip service to their backers and then there are devs who actually respect the people who gave a shit enough to help them keep doing what we wanted them to do.

Development seems fairly unfocused.

They try to do a mix between D3 and Path of exile

I think it’s not a bad step to make wolcen like d3 and PoE. D3 was a good game after serveral patches.

I dont know why so many people cry wolcen lost his soul with Beta

I like the new combat system and the animations are really delicious :smiley:

I like too but they still have so much thing to do yet before Wolcen become a true title



So while the teaser and trailer look really spectacular it appears the actual Beta doesn’t have too much content and that the passive system has been dumbed down a little but the active skill system has been improved. This is what I heard when browsing reddit and youtube comments so not sure how true or untrue they are.

Feeling slightly out of the loop here.

Looks pretty fantastic. I still hold out hope (probably in vain) that one day it’ll end up in a finished state.

That run speed though. Oof.

lel they have aether as a damage type

Their trailers always look great, but the game is always shallow and boring. I backed this game ages ago and it has been disappointment after disappointment. They’re releasing a major update in three weeks, I think the first act is finally coming out. If it’s bad, I think I will probably throw in the towel on this game ever becoming what I originally thought it could be.

My thoughts exactly. The game is really beautiful, I love the graphics. But I get bored very quickly. Theorycrafting and building is very thin for the moment. I hope the release of the campaign content will change my mind.

I hope the same. I like the idea of an isometric ARPG on CryEngine. I checked some stuff out and they have nice ideas.

Also, yes the run speed is horrendous.

It’s a shame if the trailers are misleading. As for the first act coming out, I won’t hold my breath. The premise sounds generic and shallow. Unless they add Lore Notes like Crate did or make Out of this World Cinematics like Diablo II, I don’t think we can get a great story. But let’s wait and see.

Act 1 is now live

I saw the massive update downloading yesterday (almost 18 gig). Looking forward to seeing how far it’s come. Probably will start a fresh character, since I didn’t get crazy far along to begin with last time.

I know some people are hating on this game. Personally, I didn’t spend a ton on it, and for a hack-n-slash rpg, it isn’t bad. It definitely is far from complete, but I have no issues with it.