Wolcen now on Early Access on Steam

There are a variety of ways to increase movement speed – particularly “rogue” armor types – and it is just as fast as most other ARPGs, especially when you factor in rolling/movement skills. If you don’t like the 30 dollar price, you’ll be sad to hear that it is increasing upon official launch to 45 I believe.

I don’t understand this criticism. You haven’t played the game, have watched some streamer footage, are upset that there are a variety of viable builds and want it to be more restrictive? Also, there are plenty of things that are not viable at this point as you can push monster level higher and higher. Help me understand what you are saying because I don’t get it.

Definitely seems like you are hellbent on not enjoying the game, which is fine, it is your experience. However, given that you didn’t play it long enough to have an informed opinion – as demonstrated in your earlier criticisms/complaints – it seems odd that you are being so outspoken about the game. The skill system certainly has more depth than diablo’s and the passive tree is far more interesting than anything Diablo offered, but is not as complicated as Path of Exile’s. Well, I’d argue PoE isn’t that complicated, more so just punishing, but most tend to think it is.

Well it is still not yet clear what the game at full level cap will be but lets say in my experience it is that games that make that freedom of creating builds very great often fail at making more specialized paths that are more restrictive but in the end more rewarding. Right now i have the impression(which can change ofcourse) that almost anything goes. its not so much a criticism yet but a worry. Specifically about endgame.

What do you mean by “more restrictive” and more rewarding? Like building around a single skill or damage type?

well lets say its all gonna depend on how the game is at max level(lvl 90) what kind of end game builds are there and are there a nice variety and balance of different builds available which we can fiddle with what i mean not a full melee guy that can also use fireballs, it seems rather odd to me. But we will have to see right now there isn’t that much to talk about yet so i am walking ahead of the game but we will see how they have arranged endgame gear and skills to function. Playing til level 20 seems fun and fluid. lets just hope that they keep that up.

btw you have seen these turret builds right? what do you think of that.

Ah, okay, I guess we just differ there, I like the hybridization concept.

I mentioned turrets in my post above as an example of the major problem with the game currently: Skill balance. All indications is the skill balance isn’t something to take too seriously in this beta and that it will be improved upon release. Turret is totally stupid at the moment. Lots of people posting their builds and their clear speed and as soon as I see turret, I just ignore everything they say because the skill is completely broken.

i see yes i would like to see classes like in grim dawn or other games that have set trees instead of right now only 3 real classes that also don’t really restrict you(they don’t really determine your identity either instead of saying restrict lets say i find it kind of roleless if that makes sense) AND i worry for this games endgame if they actually thought it through sorry but i just don’t trust these developers that has to do with the years of silence this game has gone through. It looks gorgeous but i don’t know what their problem is, is it lazyness? Other projects? Just not communicating/sharing what they are doing IF they are doing anything? Passive tree looks pretty cool though i wonder what the last turning disc will be.

I think the distinction that you’re looking for is in the passive tree. A small preview of the 3rd wheel has been released and offers quite a bit of customization.

There is some customization in the passive tree sure. But you start out with three classes basically thats it and its not really a class just the starting items basically. The skills you can just use whatever they are only restricted by the weapon. There is no identity.

I guess we just have differing views of identity. For comparison sake, since we’re on their forums, Grim Dawn gives you less starting customization. In GD, you always start with the same weapon/shield and no skill. In Wolcen, you select 1 of 3 archetypes, and begin with a corresponding skill. Then, as soon as you level, you get attribute points + passives + skill levels that allow for you to tailor your build to the exact identity you specify. So, for me, in some ways, there’s actually more identity. You absolutely are building around damage types, skill types, and weapon types. If you’re a ranged archetype, you’re not suddenly arbitrarily swapping to melee. But, yes, there is some degree of imagination required on your part, you’re not just being told: you’re X class/mastery. You’re getting to build X class/mastery based on your own fascination with various passive abilities. Also, while skills are restricted by weapon type – which is an additional identity piece – there are also modifiers that allow certain abilities to be used despite your weapon selection. For example, using ice spells while using a bow which allows even greater customization.

GD is my favorite game in the genre and has been for a long time, though I haven’t put much time into it recently because I did most of the stuff that I wanted to do. Ultimately, you’re going to like a system or you’re not going to like a system and then we all invent reasons why we think it is good/bad. If your critique is about customization/class, there’s plenty of that, you’re just not being told what you are.

I cant really tell how the game will be at level 90 so we will see. But just going dark for almost 4 years that just doesnt sit right with me. Is that what we are going to get after they cash in?

with regards to the skills they went more the diablo 3 route. Which can work but even in diablo 3 you get skills according to your class, they let go completely of that. In last epoch also you get your skill tree with a class. I just wonder if they didnt simplify too much in wolcen.

Yeah, so I think there is a lot of nervousness about the official launch. I am definitely nervous about it, especially its stability, but there is an offline mode that i’ll probably use initially. It’s definitely a wait and see, but that isn’t unique to Wolcen. Many games have issues at launch these days, unfortunately.

well im very curious about the game. I dont want to throw out the baby with the bathtub water so to say ^^. So i dont know but there is a lot to be done especially balances and stuff but also simply like what will we be doing end game and so on. I will keep a close eye, but you can understand my worries i hope.

just an example: there is no classes so why pretend there are? there is no incentive to start over the game with a new character so why not just give 1 char three choices of skills of the different “classes” that is what it is essentially anyway. It just seems odd to me.

The closest comparison in “classless” system that I can draw is Path of Exile. If you think there is only 1 build to try in that game, then you’ll think there is only 1 in Wolcen. If, however, you recognize how varied the game is because of your passive choices, then you will recognize there are many reasons to start a new character.

My favorite part of GD is build diversity, that’s why I play ARPG. I have found plenty of it in Wolcen without all the features and it seems only more are to come.

say you have a warrior you do this spin to win thing cause everybody does and then you wanna change to a mage. You are not gonna roll a new char cmon if you have the items you can reset your passives and just build a mage THAT is what i mean.

Yeah, I guess I find that to be a silly criticism because it assumes you only ever want to have 1 type of character at a time. Technically you could do the same thing in PoE and the same thing in Grim Dawn (with mods). But sure, you can do that if it is how you want to play the game. But if that is how you want to play the game, then why would you complain about it?

it is a argument for my first criticism that you get presented 3 classes to choose from. It is misleading and you might as well get 1 char with the three starting skills and three starter weapons.

Rhykker posted his first impressions on youtube. The devs gave him a pre-released built:

And another one from Force Gaming. More gameplay focused:

I am really interest how it turned out.

I was in development hell for quite some time and now all of the sudden its get a lot of track.

Any1 know why? It actually that good?

I personally am looking forward to the release today. I’ve been playing through it over the past few weeks and am enjoying it. I haven’t deviated much from my Sorcerer build, but I will definitely add a mix of other skills to my new character to find a fun balance.

A friend picked it up as well. We’re looking forward to trying out the co-op.

might pick this up at some point, but too busy playing RoT to really bother with another ARPG.