Wood Levels - Cam you just tweak?

TLDR: up resources per node temporarily, fix logistics, lower resources per node.

Wood becomes a problem later in the game. Well, maybe. First you could explore out further, true. But the Logistic management of moving resources at current just… well frankly, it sucks. I think everyone pretty much agrees it needs work. But in the interum, could you just tweak the wood per tree numbers up a little bit?

Running a village of almost 400, it’s impossible to deal with coal, and keep firewood and planks, coming in. I’m harvesting so far out now that a good majority of the time my villagers are dropping the wood on the way back and heading for some food or shelter. The wagons spend a good amount of time sitting around when they could be going out to haul wood back to keep the saw mills busy, etc.

Okay, Okay I’m getting carried away. You get the point. For now more resources are needed closer to your main build. Long term, fix the logistics system and lower the wood numbers… Please.


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I completely missed that. Thank you for pointing it out!

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