Work Camp Upgrade

After hundreds of hours of playtime, multiple restarts and populations above 1000 I’ve come to rely heavily on work camps so I was thinking about the possibility of a work camp upgrade. It would have six workers and be more efficient in the amount harvested with greater yields per tree and stone. This could potentially eliminate the need for several labor camps freeing up villagers for laborers or workers, etc.

We’ve seen many players complain that resources seem finite toward the end game and I can’t see the problem with a work camp being more efficient. After 40 years I’m sure people could come up with more efficient ways of doing things. The upgrade could be tied into the Saw Mill upgrade and would require heavy tools. Not a very high price for a higher yield.


Agreed! Though I suspect there will be a lot of buildings that will get an eventual upgrade to them as ‘resource’ in general doesn’t have much going for it. Bar upgrading the hunter lodge (which I find a hindrance given you cant turn traps off nor unfocus said hunter to do something else beside check his metalwork and fail at bringing in much meat) it would be nice to see the gatherer and fisherman huts have an upgrade.

I digress, work camps are efficient but alongside the upgrade if you get some manner of notification that the workers need to be relocated to another area due to no resource otherwise you end up forever hunting them down to check that they still have work. I have seen that you do get a message when all the work camps are idle but by that point you would have noticed with the sudden loss of wood/stone.

Another idea is to allow the work camp to dig into mountain sides (the pre-requisite to building a mine or tunnel)

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It is surely more interesting if players are allowed to tunnel the mountains and find underground ore resources than to exploit only open pits!


Yes, would also open the possibility of finding gemstones etc

I do have to keep reminding myself that this is still Early Access so you never know what they have in store down the line!

I cannot agree more, I just fed up with checking the work camps again and again! BTW, I think the size of working area (not only of working camp) should be modified to adjustable ones.

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Maybe like the town centre, when that upgrades the housing zone it taxes increases, they could apply that same concept with the work camps for sure.

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