Work distance from house home

Workers must have their homes closer to their work. We have workers whose homes are very far away, this should be fixed in AI. :thinking:

Already is. If you build houses close to their work places then workers will try and move into those. From v0.8.0 back in November 2022.

AI needs to change, doesn’t it? I build 4 houses near some hunters, the villagers are working in the mines, it doesn’t work right, I also removed all the works, and I add them again, it’s not correct, I have some problem

I should no, the residents don’t do that, they should work next to the house, I have 4 hunters’ huts next door, but they always continue working on other jobs, please check this.

Everyone should work as fishermen and hunters, there is plenty of work nearby, they are going far to look for minerals close to the city that has many houses

Long time ago I suggested having a census, every five or ten years, and workers would move into homes closest to their jobs, unless a raid was on. Since we humans don’t check the status of individuals during a census the AI just causes the villagers to change jobs to the nearest occupation.

Hunters dont need houses, they live in their own shack.
For minors, that’s why temporary shacks were made.