Workers automatically switch to general laborers if the role they are assigned they are unable to do, due to it being winter time

instead of having to manually unassign all my gatherers/farmers/arborists every season and then reassign them back when the snows melt, can we just get an in-game option that will do that automatically, and keep track of how many laborers are permanantly assigned versus temporarily auto-assigned?

Don’t they just go off seeking shelter anyway whatever they are allocated to do?

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This would be awesome It is a pain to do this every winter to get use of those people…

no. to clarify, shelter is a need that villagers have.
villagers will seek shelter if their ‘shelter’ need grows too high, regardless of what job they have been assigned.
you can extend how long they can stay out in the cold by providing them with hide coats and woven clothing.
but even if a villagers shelter need is perfectly well met, if a villager is assigned to a certain job, they will be utterly and completely unable to work that job during winter. they will be completely ‘idle’ and not work that job for the entire winter.
so a more ‘optimal’ way to play the game is to manually reassign those workers each and every season, turning them into general laborers, so they are doing some productive work, rather than nothing at all.

so my suggestion is simply a quality of life improvement, for the game to automatically do that every winter season.

or perhaps a system where the game will allow you to set a ‘summer job’ and ‘winter job’ separately for each villager, if desired.

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