Working Zones for Compost Yards

Currently have a population of ~275 with 3 compost yards, but the houses on the outskirts of my village have problems with waste accumulation and subsequent rat infestations. I can place working zones for my rat catchers, which is great! But that capability for my compost yards isn’t available. Don’t know if this idea is feasible or not, but would love to see it in the future.

Move one of your compst yards closer to those houses on the other side of town. They don’t all have to be close together. Town of around 400 pop, I have 4 compost yards. 3 in the red industrial zone closer to my first housing area, the 4th is off a back road leading to 2 sand pits and a gold mine, set across from my farms and barns, where desirability is already low, but it’s away enough to not affect desirability of my houses, but still allows for a reasonably short travel time for the nightsoil collector. Looks funny if you are into really tightly planned pure-grid town building, but I tend to build really organic sloppy towns. Makes my hubby nuts when he sees it- he likes everything symmetrical on a tight grid. Year 82- so far no real issues with waste building up, though I have far too many rat catchers keeping busy anyway.

I wouldn’t mind being able to assign each nightsoil collector to a zone by relocating their circle of influence, though. But with my sloppy town layouts, it isn’t much of an issue for me. YMMV, of course.

:rofl: So does my village fail to catch all rats. I will reset the work zone of the mousetraps according to the alarm. I think citizens suffering from the nightsoil or rats but not leaving due to it, is to some extent an equilibrium. An absolutely clean and rat-free village may be a waste of labor force

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