Xbox one release

Sure, but the game was performing well enough on PC without these optimizations. So, porting it to the Xbox provided Crate with the incentive to spend resources on them. BTW - these optimizations have been in the game for a while.

Just posted on the GD FB page.

" A quick update on the Xbox port, since so many are asking about it:

Yes, it is still coming and nearing completion.

We’re in the semi-final phase of going through certification testing with an outside company. This process involves them testing and submitting bugs or non-compliance issues, then us fixing them and putting out new builds for testing.

Once this is complete, we will submit GD for certification with Microsoft.

After that, it is just a matter of Microsoft finding a release slot for GD in their lineup. Once that occurs, we’ll have a firm release date we can share for you.

It will likely be at least a few more months but hopefully before the end of the year.

It has been a somewhat slow process because we are, after all, a fairly small team and there is only 1 programmer doing the port. For those worried about PC updates slowing the port, that shouldn’t be a concern as they’re independent pipelines with different people working on them."


No word about Grim Dawn from MS so far. So it won’t be a launch game for the Series S and X. New chances for next year I guess despite the message from january 13 what says that they approach the finish line and the XBox port will be in our hands.

At least some gameplay would help to be patient but that is impossible it seems.

i do not remember when but i bought xbox when i read they release for xbox over 2 years ago. now still waiting. answer is the same, we sent Microsoft, we are small team, in testing stage bla bla bla. i lost my interest to game after 2 years.

It is a work in progress; Crate have informed us that the release is around the end of the year.

The release date partly depends on Microsoft, too:

Must have missed that about the release at the end of the year. I only know they told us on FB that they hope for a release this year and that single word hope makes a big difference. The game is also not on the list with games which will be released in the launch window of the new XBox. So I would be surprised when the game should come out in 2020. I hope they will manage to release this game next year if it is not released this year.

I just wish they would tell us if it has couch coop!!!

Whatever happens, please do all in your power to make it 60fps. Don’t make the mistake TLIII did and release it at 30fps, that’s a crime against the ARPG genre.

That game is a crime in general if i’m perfectly honest, but that’s another topic.

wait Grim Dawn’s getting an xbox port? nice!

Yes. Been in the works for a while now so hopefully not too much longer before it’ll be released.

Crate may as well go for the record on longest announcement to actual port in game development history. Why not?


Latest news from their FB page

“its in certification testing. How long until release is dependent on how many more rounds of testing are needed to pass (hopefully we’re on the last one but who can say) and how long it takes MS to assign us a release date.”

Thank you so much @medea_fleecestealer for the update.

End of the year and we still don’t have an ETA? I’m sorry, but this is getting silly.

It’s a conspiracy. They are probably out to get you.

'Nuff said.

How the heck did Cyberpunk 2077 pass certification testing? Also they had a set date release so certification shouldn’t take that long. Same goes for patches on Xbox. It’s like every two weeks a patch can come out or something like that.

Not trying to be negative, but it makes no sense. I mean just look at Cyberpunk. Just look at Fallout 76. Anthem. How bad is Grim Dawn on Xbox be if those games passed certification, then this is something to worry about.

Then again maybe I am confusing certification with quality assurance. So what is certification mean then?

I will patiently wait for Grim Dawn. I rather have a great working product instead of waiting for patches to make game good.



Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how they pulled that one off.

AAA + MEGAHYPE + Greasing some palms

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Having a bug-free game seems to be a secondary priority :wink: