Year Speed is way too quick

Seriously a little too fast. Please allow a setting change to adjust Game Year length. I went through the entirety of spring trying to get enough wood to build a forager hut, three houses and a firewood cutter. I mean come on…I LOVE the seasons and the look of the seasons timeline. But I don’t think my villagers will survive the ENTIRETY of spring without homes.

There is some merit to making significant amount of time pass to build structures. But without quickly built structures that you upgrade eventually, it doesn’t make sense that the villagers just survived an entire season out in the open to the elements.

Please allow for adjusting that in the settings. :smiley: :+1:

I kinda can’t play the game when JUST CUTTING DOWN THE TREES to build the first three homes took 1/4th of the entire year to do. Makes the year seem more like a single day with four seasons.

Lastly…and nowhere near important but a bit annoying…requiring a 10-character password for a forum is way too much unnecessary security. This is JUST a forum. Not my bank… :wink:

Cheers! Looking forward to future iterations of the game! Glad I bought it!


Lore-wise, you can consider they have no houses, but they still have tents. Humans survived long before they built houses.

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Agree, the years pass very quickly, there is not enough time to collect resources, build, and the food we collect also rots very quickly.

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What speed setting are you playing on?

I am playing in the ‘trailblazer’ mode on the ‘lowland lakes’ map in the game’s own settings.

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I think he meant more like “x1/2”, “x1”, “x2” or “x3”.
For my part I find the speed good.

We are used to having food with long conservation because we put lots of stuff on it, but at that time food would spoil quickly. When you have a garden you are more used to see how short the conservation is (and we have fridges).

Everything takes time an it seems normal.

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If you mean how fast am I speeding up the game during the game it doesn’t matter.

If I am chopping down trees and Spring is just blitzing by. Whether I use x1 speed or x3 speed by the time my people are done with chopping trees March through May would have happened. Whether or not I watched them chop slowly or quickly.

I would love to experience seasons for a good while. I don’t need the game to make GETTING a building up go any faster. I just would like to control the year speed more so I can have the “let’s say it is 2-mins to chop down a tree” take 2-mins still but not be summer by the time I chop down three trees.

I hope that setting will work with the team’s current plan for the game. I would absolutely love to have it as a player. Thanks!

And I was playing lowlands lakes too on Pioneer with the game default settings.

Here is a screenshot:

I started a new game. Pioneer at Lowland Lakes default settings of pioneer and used x3 speed to get the process of chopping done with faster and built THREE Houses, started TWO WELLS and one firewood hut.

…and it is MID to LATE Summer. Going to be autumn soon.

The game just prompted me to create a storage for 4 months of food and add 6 houses to get more people to come join my city.

Just - to me at least - feels way too fast for me to settle in and enjoy the ride of this game. The pace is too fast for me and I lose the immersion of the seasons. Feels like FF’s pace for a year is 1-2 days in Frostpunk. Another game I really enjoyed playing that had a great pacing to it. Where I would prepare to survive the long cold night, here in FF it feels like I am preparing to survive the winter…the winter that will roughly happen every 10-20 minutes of playing the game. Not stoked for that pace personally.

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I do feel the seasons go by a bit too fast immersion wise. But I do find the game pace overall on 1x quite good. 1x is about the speed where I can watch townsfolk do stuff while adding buildings without much stress.

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Yes I agree about the enjoyment of 1x speed. I am doing a test right now to see how long the full year is on both 1x and 3x and currently playing through 1x right now. It has been enjoyable - albeit at times painful when nothing but hacking at trees was going on - enjoyable to watch the villagers and catch on to what all they do and what needs they have etc.

Okay so I ran a test to see how long it would really take to play through an entire year in 1x and in 3x speeds. 1- to test out how I can enjoy the game despite my qualm with the pacing of the seasons and 2- to have some data on truthfully how quickly the seasons go by and here are the results:

I never paused the game. Unless the game pauses itself when prompts are on screen, I never paused and hit the OK on those prompts as speedily as possible. And I continued to work the villagers to create the requirements leading up to the first town hall upgrade but never made it to the first upgrade.

1x SPEED _________________________________________ 3x SPEED
Roughly 29 mins ____________________________________ Roughly 10 mins

So you might be asking…“What does this actually prove?”

The answer is nothing more than that the real data about how long the seasons go is roughly what I expected. 10-20 mins long. Well 10-30 minutes to be precise. (Which adds up 1x and 3x… :wink: )

  • Is the game broken? nope!
  • Is the game unplayable? Nah.

For me, the pacing is too much for me to love it.

  • Do they need to change the game for all because I have this preference? NOPE!

I only ask that the functionality be added in to the advanced settings where you can change the pace of the seasons or the year. Think “Don’t Starve” and the way they handle the custom setting for how long the day vs. the night is and how many minutes of real time that ends up being. I would LOVE something like that.

Thanks again for your time and looking forward to keeping an eye on this game throughout development! :smiley:

Totally agree. The chance to play at a slightly slower pace would be good. Examplem a trader arrives, by the time you have seen what they want and what they have that I want, they are almost packing up ready to go… I guess I can pause but that kinda defeats the object of an RTS.


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