Your ideas to increase difficulty?

i just recently beat hardcore ultimate, and since then have tried to play the game with more restrictions, like, “use only yellow items”, that just slowed the game down,

i tried to do a “100% fresh start on EPIC” character, that was pretty fun, but around level 30-ish my gear caught up to my level and it felt just like a regular epic game,

i tried to play the game with no devotion, but that was not fun, devotion is my favorite part of the game

i play every game with no shared stash also

have any of you found ways to make the game more difficult, while retaining the fun?

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Maybe builds that are harder to play? What have you played so far?

If not that, then you should try some mods I think but I don’t know which would be the best for your case.
Density increasing ones or completely new content?

Kill or superbosses at every difficulty? Grim League even more difficult ones. And ghost ambushes while you level.

where is the best place to get mods? nexusmods? is that safe?

i just youtubed grim dawn league, ok thats new, thanks :slight_smile: i was unaware of that

If you lack challenge, try too level up straight from ultimate, go solo self found and get all the shrines only in ultimate. I guarantee you nice challenge up to lvl 94 and also smooth leveling experience in one. Of course this experience may vary from build to build and even char to char because of MI that are available in the first chapter of the game. That’s why I choose soldier+oathkeep for the first try, there are many good MI for soldier available from the start so it’s a bit easier… But still it’s hell of a game experience. I highly recommend that kind of journey! :grin:

You can find the mods right here on the forum just scroll down the main GD forum page to see ones like Reign of Terror (D2/1 in GD), Grimarillion and Dawn of Masteries (more masteries to play around with and can increase hero/mob density in them), Nydiamar (though I’m not sure that works with v1.2) and some others in Modding Projects.

You could even try going HC classless, i.e. no masteries at all; skills come from items. Yes, it’s possible and yes, it’s been done. Therer’s even a reward for doing it if you get to the Vanguard in HC Ultimate.

thanks medea

also gregory, i will try ultimate lvl 1