Your Thoughts on Corona Virus Impacts upon Video Game Industry?

I come across this article when wondering about corona virus impacts upon the world:

so, what are your (crate/mods/forumers) thoughts on this matter? how significant are the impacts of corona epidemic toward the whole video game industry (AAA companies, indie companies, crate entertainment)?

i hope we all can survive through this corona epidemic, since the whole world seems to be facing economic downfall during this plague. be safe out there, people.

this website monitor the total active cases for corona/covid19.

Be safe and I wish you all well!

But at same time it feels like this virus real effects have been exaggerated by the medias and at same time neglected and underestimated by the authorities, so the true conditions are not quite clear.

One thing looks clear though, it creates panic, especially the fear of pandemic. And it have it’s affect over the economy and every day’s lives. And the mass events and globalization in general helps spread it across the world. So we’ll see…


This is a very accurate assessment. I work as an Inventory Manager in a hospital actually. I’m the guy who orders those 3M N95 respirator masks that everyone’s freaking out about. Trust me, it has made my job very interesting to say the least.

The reason it’s a big deal is because it poses such a danger to the elderly and our children, and any others who are immunocompromised. But then again, so does the flu, and we hardly ever talk about how many people die of that, at least not in the spotlight on the news.

Coronavirus is being used to create a panic, and even so far as to attempt and influence the opinions of the public to paint China and its culture in an undesirable shade, at least here in the US. As an example, I have had co-workers show me videos of Chinese people drinking bat blood that were aired on the news here. The guy then went on to explain that’s how it spread to people. Meanwhile I’m like okay, cultures are different, everyone eats things everyone else thinks is strange. Let’s focus on containing it and treating it rather than using it as a platform for discriminating against other cultures.


You have much more information than most of the people and can make better assessment.

But yes people are freaking out. In my country there hasn’t been official case of corona virus but at same time masks and disinfect fluids are completely sold out. There’s even black market selling masks 6x times more expensive.

At same time we’re leading Europe in deaths by heart attacks and coronary diseases and nothing is even remotely done to change it.

But at same time I feel bad for all this people that died of this virus and hope situation to normalize.


PoE 2 might not have a beta by the end of the year due to the chinese company that does some of their graphic assets stopping due to the outbreak. I bet it’s gonna affect a lot of other releases as well.

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Games? whatever.
As a wise man once said.
The bad news is that it’s all going to hell.
The good news is that it’s going slowly.

Be prepared for a bit of rough sailing for a while. Governments aren’t going to tell you the truth, especially not when it comes to information that might cause a panic and mass hysteria ( - fucking LOL), because that might hurt the economy.


it seems the biggest impact of corona virus is upon human mind. the panic and uncertainty surrounding corona epidemic makes people nervous and gives bad image to china as the origin of the virus. people now think many kind of deals involving china will lead to corona virus spreading to their place (while somewhat forgetting that the virus has already spread to many countries mainly through airports, thus making the infected countries another carrier for the virus).

until the virus recedes to safe level, international travels will be a risky experience for everyone. trusting our own governments to handle this case (even if they hide important information concerning the virus) is the best option for everyone. rumours will only make more people frightened and cause disruptions to their live.

The craziest reaction I have read about is that people worldwide have stopped buying the Mexican “Corona Beer”. Check Google, it has affected their profits. Cannot believe the logic of some people?

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some people even make fun/memefy corona virus. for example, some kind of car named corona. or corona’s (a singer) song Rhythm of the Night.

Wasn’t there a proposal to rename it budlightvirus?

Otherwise what we know is that it causes pneumonia, and it kills people by effective suffocation. Antiviral drugs developed for other viral diseases work to some extent, but it’s up to the individual’s immune system to get through it.

On a side effect, games that can be played at home / help people through self-quarantine and sickness (so even mobile games) will be slightly more popular.

The virus is already helping me improve my “productivity” . Thanks to it, I am now working at home without company supervision hence now I have more time to dive into my deep steam backlogs. Now I know how it feels like to work at Crate Entertainment. :sunglasses:

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There have been articles claiming that surprisingly few children contracted the virus, and of those that did, extremely few had serious symptoms.

It seems, so far, that simply being young significantly lowers the risk of illness and complications.

I expect to be quarantined every day. Not because I show any symptons but because I am a teacher. One pupil or one colleague gets it–> Quarantine for 14 days for me. And with about 2.000 pupils and 100 colleagues…chances are “not so bad” that it might happen.

The video industry already got a profit because of this. :wink:

My wife bought a Nintendo Switch and caring husband and father that I am, I already bought both Zeldas for her and my son (really no self-interest here and just for the possibility to be quarantined :joy:).

Today, I went shopping with my wife. And I don´t really get it: Shortage of flour, sugar, oatmeal, noodles and…toilet-paper! Yeah, toilet-paper…I saw a guy buying 48(!) roles of it. Astonishing…

Well that’s good! Yeah, by no means am I a doctor and I dont claim to be an expert on anything other than ordering clinical supplies.

It’s mostly hysteria, it seems. It’s on the news a new strain is coming. They just love to scare people. How many strains of the flu are there? I mean come on.

At least I have a reasonable excuse to avoid people now.

looks like just an ordinary flu indeed! :expressionless:

The mask black market sounds like the normal American greed. Take the NES classic for example. People bought more of those than they needed and turned around to make a profit. It’s sickening and we’ll see it again with the next console release. To take that to masks that could help give some peace of mind and gouge them…maybe this pandemic has its purpose? Hope it ends soon though as I’m sick of the media frenzy.

i think with all this corona hysteria, games related to virus & disease will increase & become more educative.

Speaking aboug games…

And their trailer was somehow prophetic:

Suddenly it’s not a game.


i’ve played that plague game before. it feels like we are controlling a hive mind of a virus that can stealthily choose where to infect people while avoiding detection, also capable of bringing down planes that carries scientists (derp).

it’s a stealth game. once you’re detected, the world will rapidly create an antidote which when created will almost instantly be distributed very efficiently across the world. entirely eliminating the virus and the hive mind in a very unrealistic manner.

it feels like a joke game about virus and disease. a game where we play as governments trying to educate the populace about virus and containing any outbreaks would be a great benefit to the world.

crusader kings 2 comes to mind, with its plague dlc. though its mostly involve medieval method of quarantining your courts and trying to endure the negative events and relation damage from your action.

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