[0.7.4] Map generation for pioneer lacks guarantee for all ressources

I finally found a good map for a small map…at least i thought so.

But i have no clay, no healing roots, no willow, blueberries, nuts, greens ro mushrooms.

For a map that should have plenty ressources and easy to play it lacks quite a lot of stuff.

It would be ok for more challenging modes, but if i want an easy game, and select it, i would think the game would make it easy for me.

Maps are not meant to have all resources on them, even the Pioneer ones. That said

"We hear your feedback about the game being challenging to get into. Some of this is by design, but challenge does not automatically mean frustration. We are working on adding many more tutorials in future updates to help ease you into Farthest Frontier’s many mechanics.

We also understand that many of you wish to have a more relaxed way to play Farthest Frontier that isn’t as pressed for resources.

We’ve created a new map type: Idyllic Valley. This map is teeming with resources of every variety. If you’ve been looking for a place to settle in the frontier where everything is provided for (well except Heavy Tools, those do not grow on bushes), this should be your go to selection. This is now the default map type when you select New Settlement."

Ah ok, didn’t knew that. :flushed:

Thought easier modes have everything, hard modes lack more stuff independent from the maps itself.

The game itself isn’t hard for me. Played on every map, 2 of them vanquisher, and now one with pioneer. Never failed a town, not even the first one.

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