[0.7.5c] Workaround to "hang 5 secs after placing town center"

Initially, [0.7.5] demonstrated the same “hang 5 secs after placing town center” behavior I previously reported (see below), but by adjusting Video settings as shown below, I was able to play 0.7.5c for over two hours:


Full Screen enabled [unchanged]
Windowed full screen disabled [changed from before]
V-sync disabled [unchanged]

Resolution 2560x1440 (native) [unchanged]
Supersampling 85% (2176x1224) [changed]
Refresh rate 60 Hz [unchanged]

Run in background disabled [changed]
Shadows low [changed]
Anti-aliasing disabled [changed]

Soft shadows disabled [changed]
Soft particles disabled [changed]
Foliage disabled [changed]

Depth of field disabled [changed]


Unsurprising, the video quality isn’t great, but I can play (vs. not play), so I take this as a win :slight_smile:

I have not yet attempted to isolate which change(s) are critical and which I can restore and still be able to play.

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